Reasons Your Drain Is Making a Gurgling Sound in Durham

In some cases, a gurgling sound is nothing to worry about. It's just the water draining down your pipes. In other cases, however, the gurgling sound could signal a significant problem, especially if it is accompanied by other symptoms such as a slow draining line or unusual sounds from the pipes themselves. Professional plumbing repair services in Durham can usually get to the bottom of the problem and restore your plumbing to its normal functions. But you may be curious as to the reasons your drain is making a gurgling sound. Knowing the causes can help illuminate the steps technicians use to conduct repairs.

Invariably, your drain is making a gurgling sound because there is some blockage in the system. It could stem from food particles, hair and other detritus that has built up inside the pipes. It might come from a divot in the pipes caused by external damage somewhere. It may even come from calcification and scaling that has gotten bad enough to block the flow of water.

The more important question is the source of the cog, which could come from the affected pipes, from the main sewer line, or even from plumbing vents that have been blocked by leaves or bird's nests. A trained plumber can locate the source of the problem through various methods, which involves isolating the affected fixture (or a centralized location if all the fixtures are affected), examining the vents and performing certain other tests to pinpoint the source of the trouble. From there, the plumber can make any corrections that are needed, including replacing the affected length of pipe, clearing the blocked vent and unclogging the blockage with the help of a motorized snake or similar tool.

The reason your drain is making a gurgling sound is probably fairly simple, but that doesn't mean you shouldn?t call in a professional when you notice it. If you need plumbing repair in Durham, NC, give JD Service Now a call. You'll be glad that you did!