Durham, NC Sump Pump Service

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One line of defense in protecting your home's foundation from basement flooding is to install a sump pump. JD Service Now can install a sump pump for your home in Raleigh, Durham, or Chapel Hill, or we can repair or replace your current one. To learn more about our Raleigh, NC sump pump installation or repair services, call the experts at JD Service Now today at (919) 626-3626.

Sump Pump Services We Provide

Sump pumps are installed as part of a larger system to consolidate and remove water from your basement. These systems are best used when other efforts to stop water from entering your home fail. Most sump pumps are installed in the basements of homes that are located in an area below the water table, or where flooding is common.

Our Durham sump pump service team can offer:

Sump pumps help protect the home from water damage by pumping out excess water caused by a minor flood, heavy rains, or poor drainage systems. Even in basements that are sealed well, your basement might start to leak over time, especially once the water runoff backs up around the foundation of your home. In these cases, the water will eventually find a way to break through the walls or floors of your basement.

The Sump Pump Installation Process

The first step in installation is to dig a pit somewhere in your property where the water can be channeled. This may be an area where the water is already flowing. In other cases, we may need to install a series of drain tiles or a French drain system to move water toward that pit.

When the water reaches a certain point in the pit, it triggers a float switch on your sump pump which then turns on the pump and begins removing water from the pit. The sump pump may either be submerged in the pit or mounted on a pedestal outside of it.

The type of sump pump you select will depend on your situation, primarily how often your basement floods. Submerged pumps tend to be more effective, while pedestal pumps are easier to maintain. Once the sump pump is installed and has repeatedly been tested, it should automatically trigger and start removing water whenever water flows downhill into your home.

If You Need Maintenance or Repairs, We Are the Team for You!

If you are ever unsure about the operation or maintenance of your sump pump, give us a call, and we will visit your home to inspect the system. It is always best to catch these problems before they turn into an urgent repair need. We offer same-day service. Call the Durham sump pump experts at JD Service Now for all your sump pump installation, maintenance and repair needs in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area.