Frozen Pipe Services in Durham

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As winter approaches and extreme cold sets in, there is an increased risk of frozen or burst pipes. When the water in your pipes freeze, it can block the line and create excess pressure throughout your plumbing system. This pressure can result in cracks in the pipes, which can release hundreds of gallons of water in a day. Ultimately, frozen pipes can cause significant property damage, expensive repairs, and disrupt your daily life.

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What to Do If You Have Frozen Pipes

  • First things first, shut off your water main. This will not only take some of the pressure off of the frozen pipes, but it will minimize any flooding.
  • If the ice blockage is visible, you may be able to thaw it temporarily with a hair dryer; however, for long-term care or if the pipes are not exposed, you need a professional's assistance.
  • Call a plumber. If you notice a lack of water flow, it is important you get immediate help from a plumber to prevent any further damage.

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