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In many homes, access to water from a utility is impossible. This means that you need a well pump in order to have water in your home. JD Service Now provides well pump installation, repair, replacement and maintenance services to customers throughout Durham and the surrounding areas. Having clean, drinkable water is a basic necessity, and we take great pride in helping our customers access it.

We understand that there are many contractors out there who believe that "good enough" is an acceptable level of work. Not for us. We go above and beyond on every job that we take on. All of our labor and products come with a warranty. Our job isn't complete until you're happy.

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How Does a Well Pump Work?

The most popular types of well pumps include jet pumps and submersible pumps. For homes that have a shallow water table – around 20 or 25 feet – a jet pump is most commonly used. These types of pumps create suction, similar to how you use a straw to drink, to pull water up into your home. Jet pumps are often mounted in your basement, in a crawl space, or in a well house.

For homes that have to drill down deeper to get access to water, a jet pump can still be used. However, the impeller has to be separated from the main pump and installed deeper in the ground. For many homeowners, the best option is a submersible pump. This pump pushes water up into your home as opposed to creating suction, making it more efficient.

Well Pump Installation & Replacement Services

Running water is an essential part of modern homes. Without it, you can't bath, clean or have water for cooking or drinking. JD Service Now is the company that you can trust with your well pump installation and replacement services in Durham, NC.

Our friendly and reliable plumbers have years of experience working with all different types of well systems and pumps. We can talk with you about which type of pump would work best for your home and then recommend some brands.

Well Pump Repair & Maintenance Services

Well pump repair is definitely something that shouldn't be left to amateurs. Not only is the supply of water to your home critical to your health, but well pump equipment is expensive. Make sure that you have our professionals at JD Service Now perform any well pump repair services for your home.

One of the best ways to ensure your home's well pump operates efficiently is to schedule regular maintenance services. We offer complete well pump maintenance services for various types and brands. We will visit your home and conduct a thorough inspection and tune-up on your system. This will allow us to clean out the well pump and look for any developing problems. Potentially, this could reduce your need for repairs, extend the life of your well pump, and increase its efficiency.

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No matter what type of well pump you have, JD Service Now is the company to call when you need well pump installation, repair, maintenance, or replacement services. Our plumbers are dedicated to your satisfaction. In addition, we always stand behind the quality of work that we do.

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