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Whether you need residential or commercial water heater service in Raleigh, NC, JD Service Now is here for you anytime, day or night. Our expert plumbers service, repair, and replace all major brands of hot water heaters in Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Durham, including Whirlpool, American PROLine, GE, Ruud, Richmond, Kenmore, Maytag, and much more.

Our water heater services include the following:

  • Water heater installation: We are frequently asked when homeowners should replace their water heater. The signs can be fairly obvious at first glance. There will be leaks, insufficient hot water, or the system will start to make noise. Knowing when to replace it can be difficult. JD Service Now can help you look for some of the signs.
  • Water heater repair: When your water heater stops working, it can interfere with many necessary daily tasks. Showering, cleaning, laundry and many other chores require hot water, so a breakdown can be very inconvenient. JD Service Now is ready to provide you with any water heater repair services you need.
  • Water heater maintenance: If your water heater was installed more than 2 years ago, we highly recommend scheduling a maintenance visit. It is never too late to start serving your water heater, however as time goes by parts can wear down more and more. We suggest scheduling a water flush at least once a year.
  • Electric gas water heaters: Many gas water heaters and electric water heaters come with an implied lifespan, but certain factors may contribute to a shorter service life or increased need for repair. Hard water systems, extensive use, or less-than-ideal installation procedures or locations can all shorten the lifespan of hot water tank heaters.
  • GeoSpring heat pump water heaters: The GeoSpring also has electric elements inside the tank to heat your water. Your heat pump cools your home by removing heat from the air and moving it outside. It does this by blowing your home’s air over a series of coils that are filled with refrigerant. The refrigerant absorbs the heat and carries it to your outside condensing unit where it is exhausted into the air.
  • Tank water heaters: Tank water heaters are one of the most popular systems on the market because they provide efficient and plentiful hot water for homes of all sizes. If your tank water heater is installed on an angle, if the gas connections or burners aren’t hooked up right or the thermostat isn’t calibrated properly, it can lead to your water heater breaking down or under-performing.
  • Tankless water heaters: Tankless water heaters can be installed on any interior wall and are about the average size of a carry-on suitcase! You can enjoy the convenience of hot water right when you need it while getting incredible savings on your energy bills.
  • Heat pump water heaters – A relatively new arrival on the market is the heat pump water heater. These products absorb ambient heat in the air to heat your water.
  • Solar While many homeowners are skeptical about a solar water heater’s ability to provide hot water all year long (especially during the winter), there are models that can greatly reduce your home’s energy usage by using heat from the sun to warm your water.

When to Replace Your Water Heater

One question we get asked a lot is when homeowners should replace their water heater. It’s often pretty obvious when your water heater needs repair. There will be leaks, insufficient hot water, or the system will start to make strange noises. Knowing when to replace your hot water heater can be difficult. Fortunately, JD Service Now is here to help you with all your water heater replacement needs.

Check out a quick list of some of the signs to look for.

  • Rust – If your water heater starts to rust on the inside it usually cannot be fixed. You’ll notice that your hot water is rust-colored which is often an indication that the anode rod on the inside of the tank has deteriorated.
  • Age – You don’t always have to wait until your water heater completely breaks down to replace it. If your system is getting old, you could probably stand to gain a lot of efficiency by replacing it early. You could also avoid many repairs that start to happen with aging systems.
  • Frequent repair – If your water heater is already at the point where it’s requiring frequent visits from your plumber, you may want to think about replacing it to avoid continued future issues.

Once a tank type water heater reaches 10-12 years of age it is time to consider replacement verses repair. With a new installation the normal tank warranty is for 6 years, but with the installation of a carbon filter the warranty can be extended to 8-10 years with the proper maintenance of the filter. Schedule your home safety inspection to find out what the age and condition of your water heater is. By upgrading to a more efficient model you can save money on your monthly energy bills as well as increase the comfort of your home.

Signs You Need Water Heater Repair

So what can homeowners look for to know when they need to call for water heater repair services in Durham? There are a few common signs that you need to watch for. Remember, JD Service Now is ready for all your water heater repair services no matter what type or brand of system you have.

  • Water spots – Keep an eye out for any brown spots of dried water around your water heater. This usually indicates that water has been leaking. Your water heater could be leaking from the tank because the pressure release valve is broken or from one of the valves whose gasket is old and dried out.
  • Rust-colored water – If you’re getting discolored hot water out of your fixtures it could be that your water heater is rusted on the inside.
  • No hot water – If you aren’t getting any hot water it likely means that the thermostat for your water heater is broken or that the burner isn’t lit for some reason.

JD Service Now is the water heater installation company in Raleigh, NC that you can trust to get the job done right. We can install all types of water heaters including tankless systems, solar, gas, electric, and standard tank models as well. Give us a call with any questions that you might have.

We Can Identify Any Water Heater Issue!

Since 2005, our plumbers have stayed dedicated to two things: the quality of work that we do and our level of customer service. In fact, we have a saying around here that our work isn’t done until the customer is completely happy with it. Choosing a new water heater is a big decision and one that you will have to live with for many years.

Water heaters handle many thousands of gallons of water every year and can run into a number of common problems. The expert plumbers at JD Service Now can fix any issue, so call us for any water heater repair that you need in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.

Here are some of the most common types of water heater problems:

  • Leaks – Any equipment that handles a lot of water will eventually suffer from leaks. For your water heater, leaks can occur at any of the valves and gaskets as well as the tank itself if the pressure inside gets too high.
  • Rust – Your tank water heater has an anode rod in it that is designed to prevent rust, but if it deteriorates and isn’t changed then your tank can corrode.
  • Not enough hot water – If you aren’t getting enough hot water it could be because your heater is too small. However, it could be that the dip tube has come loose or that the thermostat is improperly calibrated.
  • Gurgling If your water heater is making a rumbling or gurgling noise it usually means that there is sediment in the bottom that is allowing air bubbles to build up and make sounds.

Water Heater Efficiency

Most water heaters are given an Energy Factor rating to indicate their efficiency. The higher the EF rating, the more efficient the water heater is. EF measures a number of factors, including the recovery efficiency, which is how well the heat from the burner is transferred to the water in the tank.

When you work with the Durham water heater installation experts at JD Service Now, we talk you through the entire process and help you find an efficient water heater that fits in your budget and matches your home’s needs.

Electric, Gas, Tankless, & Solar Water Heaters Are Our Specialty

Our factory-certified hot water heater training means there’s no make or model we can’t service or replace. Don’t waste time or money at a home improvement store when JD Service Now offers fast, professional, guaranteed water heater service and installation for a better value and peace of mind.

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