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Natural Drain Cleaners vs Store-Bought Drain Cleaners: What’s Better For Your Drains?

As a homeowner, it is common knowledge that drain clogs are bound to happen throughout your home. Sometimes they just can’t be prevented! However, no one wants to be left without proper water flow, drainage, or a clogged kitchen sink smell. Whether you have used chemical drain cleaners from the store or not, we have all heard of the ease and convenience of them. This is why running to your local hardware store to pick up a chemical cleaner may be your first thought. However, it’s best to leave those on the shelf and stick to natural solutions or the expertise of our JD Service Now team! Continue reading to find out the harmful effects of store-bought drain cleaners & when you should contact a professional.

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Harmful Effects of Store-Bought Cleaners

Drains are used every day and many of us don’t give them a second thought. But if your drains get clogged and you resort to store-bought cleaners, beware: they can damage your pipes and make problems worse. The most common problem is that store-bought cleaners contain harsh chemicals that corrode or eat away at metal surfaces in your drain lines. This causes pitting on metal surfaces inside your drain line, which can then be followed by leaks as water rushes through these pits. Over time, these leaks will cause major damage to walls, floors, and even ceilings around your home.

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Why Use Natural Drain Cleaning Remedies

Natural drain cleaners are generally less harsh on your pipes than store-bought drain cleaners and easier on your plumbing systems in general. When you use natural drain cleaners, you don’t have to worry about releasing dangerous chemicals into your home. The reason is that natural remedies, like hot water and baking soda, don’t contain harmful chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, chlorides, or chlorine bleach. An easy natural drain remedy t is HOT WATER! Regularly using hot water will aid in breaking up mild clogs. All you have to do is pour a pot of hot water down your drain and continue to rinse it with cool water and your clog should begin to break up! Another simple and inexpensive way to maintain and clear your drains is baking soda and vinegar

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When To Call a Professional

If you have more of a stubborn clog, such as one caused by grease buildup or tree roots, it may be time to call a plumber. Our team of plumbing experts at JD Service Now are here to TAKE GREAT CARE of you and your plumbing needs! Give our team a call today to get your drains running right again at (919) 502-0985.

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