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Here’s How A Drain Clearing Affects Your Home’s Health

Drain Clearing

It’s common for homeowners to forget about their drains, especially when they are not as visible compared to other features in their homes. In most cases, individuals only pay close attention to their drains when they notice a strange odor or a backup of nasty water. It is important to keep the health of your drains top of mind all year long to prevent small problems from turning into big ones. See just how annual drain clearings can positively impact your home’s health below.

Protecting Your Pipes

When a backflow of water builds up, it can cause major damage to your pipes and even impact the structural foundation of your home. In severe cases, this can weaken your pipes and overall foundation so much that the integrity of your pipes could be in jeopardy. Receiving a drain clearing service can remove blockages that would otherwise do significant damage to your home.

Decreasing Bacteria

Your home is your safe space, so of course, you want it to remain a clean environment for you and your family. When water blockages remain stagnant, bacteria can grow and thrive right in the comfort of your home. Germs and bacteria may cause sickness and infections that have the ability to become more severe over time. By taking the necessary actions, you’re ensuring these microorganisms do not find a home within yours and you can continue to keep your home’s health a priority.

Improving Drain Odor

No one enjoys unpleasant odors wafting from their drain! When blockages occur, the mixture of water and waste combine to create a foul smell that has the potential to fill your entire home. To avoid personal health risks and home health hazards, remove clogs to ultimately remove any funky smells.

Decreasing Slow Drainage From Clogs

Struggling to complete tasks because of slow draining water in your shower or sink? Then a drain clearing is a must. Clogs are the most common plumbing issue that cause slow drainage but over time can cause more serious issues concerning your home’s health.

Reducing Leaks

When your pipes get blocked, water will find an alternative route, and most of the time, it finds itself on your bathroom floor or under sink cabinets, ruining stored products. If too much pressure builds, pipes can burst to create more damage such as massive water stains and flooding. Scheduling a drain clearing appointment can prevent issues from arising or prevent them from getting more serious in a short period of time.

Keeping your home’s health a priority not only benefits you and your family but it can also keep your home in its best condition. Drain clearings prevent major issues from arising and ultimately keep you at ease when you don’t have to constantly worry about your drainage system. Contact the professionals at JD Service Now today to schedule your next drain clearing at 919-626-3626!

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