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Drain Snaking vs. Hydro Jetting: Which Is Better for Your Clog?

Your home’s drains and sewer lines usually work fine. Maybe you even keep up with sewer inspections and maintenance, but every so often you might encounter a clog. When this happens, your first thought might be to use a drain cleaner. That might work—if you follow the instructions carefully and be sure to rinse thoroughly afterward! But there are some clogs that need a little extra help. That’s where the drain cleaning experts at JD Service Now can make all the difference.

There are two primary methods of professional sewer line cleaning:

  • Snaking (sometimes with the use of an auger as well)
  • Hydro jetting

Which is better? And which is the right method to clear your clog? That’s what we’ll look at in this blog. As Durham plumbers with extensive experience and the latest drain cleaning equipment, we can offer helpful tips and insight on what might work for your sewer lines.

Augers & Snakes & Pressurized Water, Oh My!

Smaller, localized clogs in sensitive piping systems may be best addressed with traditional methods, like snakes and augers. These can effectively clear a clog in a toilet, sink, or other area of your plumbing system. A snake is like a long, flexible metal stick that can fit through the drain and poke the clog, breaking it down so it can travel through the pipe. Snakes can be used along with augers to clear tricky clogs or to pull out larger debris like jewelry or toys. An auger pulls a clog out using a hooked end.

For bigger clogs or slow-draining pipes, hydro jetting is a powerful and effective option that uses pressurized water to clear sewer lines. Because hydro jetting uses pure water to clear pipes, it’s also environmentally friendly. You don’t have to worry about digging and excavation to get to tricky clogs. Hydro jetting can clear grease, calcification, soap, sludge, and even small objects and tree roots that may have invaded your sewer lines. It only takes a few hours, and your pipelines will be clean and ready to use as soon as the process is complete.

Our Durham Sewer Line Pros Take the Right Approach Every Time

Dealing with a clog? Our team at JD Service Now can come check it out. We will be honest and fair in providing an estimate of what we think is the best approach, and we will lay out the cost so there are no surprises. As sewer line professionals, we’re trusted throughout Durham, Apex, Cary, Chapel Hill, and the surrounding communities for our reliability, workmanship, and customer service.

Call 919-383-7000 today for more information on snaking versus hydro jetting and which may be best for you!

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