How Video Pipe Inspection Can Help Drain Cleaning in Raleigh

August 1, 2013

The pipes and sewer lines in your home can sometimes measure in the hundreds of feet, making it difficult to spot a clog or pinpoint the source of a problem. Plumbers in Raleigh must sometimes deal with tree roots that disrupt plumbing lines, rusty or corroded pipes, clogged drains and similar issues. Locating the exact spot where the problem originates makes for a tricky challenge, though smart plumbing services have a high tech answer for it: video pipe inspection.

Video camera pipe inspection technology has improved in leaps and bounds over the past few years, and plumbing has taken advantage of it. Basically, the plumber sends a line with a small camera on the end into your pipes, looking for the source of any obstruction and otherwise determining the state of your pipes. The line itself is usually quite strong ? made of Kevlar or steel ? and connected to a winch for easy deployment. The process also involves monitoring equipment to help the plumber examine your pipes and spot the problem.

This is an unobtrusive procedure; it doesn?t require any digging, cutting into your pipes or otherwise damaging the plumbing system in order to locate the source of the problem. Once video pipe inspection is complete, the plumber can make an accurate assessment of the data he receives and advocate a solution based on concrete knowledge instead of educated guesswork. It can save him time, and save you money, since the inspection can distinguish a minor repair (?this pipe is clogged, but a good drain cleaning should take care of it?) from a major operation (?this pipe is damaged and we?ll need to excavate in order to replace it.?)

Furthermore, if drain cleaning is the issue, a video pipe inspection can determine the exact source of the blockage. The plumber can then determine the best tool or procedure to clear it. If you?re suffering from a plumbing issue and think a video pipe inspection can help, call the plumbing professionals at JD Service Now. We handle drain cleaning issues in Raleigh, as well as Durham and Chapel Hill.