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Why Should I Hire a Professional Drain Cleaning Service?

Although chemical cleaners may seem like the perfect solution to your drainage problems, most professional plumbers recommend not using them. Many chemical cleaners are so harsh that they can damage your pipes and cause them to degrade. Chemical cleaners can be extremely damaging to plastic pipes. These cleaners cause damage by warping plastic pipes and causing leaks. We recommend having drains cleaned professionally to prevent major drainage problems instead of resorting to chemical cleaners.

Chemical drain cleaners are so harsh that they can make things worse by:

  • Wearing away at the lining of your pipes
  • Sitting in your pipe for long periods, making leaks worse
  • Leaving behind clogs, creating future problems

Hiring a high-quality Durham plumbing service will ensure your pipes are well-maintained and that your pipes are functioning long-term without resorting to harmful, ineffective chemicals. A plumbing service has the professional tools you need to make sure your pipes are unclogged and in good condition. Contact JD Service Now for your service needs!

Blockages & Backups That Won’t Go Away

Although clogs are a problem that every homeowner occasionally experiences, clogs are a sign of a larger issue. If your clogs are not going away, you might be dealing with a damaged sewer pipe rather than a simple blockage. The only way you will be able to get it fixed for good is by calling a plumber for repairs. Chemicals can break up a clog, but chances are they’ll leave some of it behind. It doesn’t take long for bits of a clog to snowball into a full-fledged blockage.

The Benefits of Professional Clog Service

Additionally, there may be deposits built up on the walls of your drainpipes that can cause your drainage to slow down. Chemical cleaners can’t remove deposits from the walls of your pipes, but a professional clog removal service can. A professional cleaning service will utilize technology and methods you don’t have access to and ensure that your pipes are clean of any buildup and debris. Live-feed video inspection allows professional plumbers to look inside your drainpipes and pinpoint the location of any blockages. By using high-pressure water jetting, they’re able to push the clog out of your system while also cleaning the walls of your pipes.

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Even effective do-it-yourself methods have their drawbacks. Snaking out your drain, for example, may allow water to pass through temporarily, but all it accomplishes in the long-run is punching holes in the buildup. That puts increased pressure on the pipes. Do yourself and your pipes a favor. Next time you have any draining issues, contact a Durham plumbing professional to ensure your pipes are not only draining but that they’re totally free of debris and buildups.

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