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Why Replace Old Plumbing Fixtures and Pipes?

If you’re living in an older home, there are several ways to tell it’s time to change the old pipes and fixtures in your Durham home. The most obvious sign it’s time to change the pipes is low water pressure. Over time, old galvanized pipes can rust and get build-up in them, slowing the water flow. This is usually seen mostly in showers and bathtubs, making it difficult to bathe or shower in a reasonable amount of time.

Another way to tell that your pipes need to be replaced is the quality of the water that comes out of the tap. Sometimes before the water pressure begins to decline, there is a noticeable difference in the taste or color of the water. The water can turn a rusty or brown color, and the taste gradually gets worse over time. This is also caused by the rust from inside the galvanized piping.

Benefits of New Pipes & Plumbing Fixtures

Newer pipes are made of a plastic material called PEX, or even copper piping or PVC can be used. These materials, unlike galvanized pipes, won’t rust and don’t get the internal build-up of deposits.

There are several reasons you should consider changing old fixtures as well. After years of use, some faucets can get a build-up of mineral stains which is due largely to the mineral content of hard water. No matter how much elbow grease you use, it is extremely difficult to get these faucets back to looking like new. The buildup may even cause the water flow to slow down in the same way the rust from galvanized pipes does.

Another consideration when you are replacing fixtures is whether or not to switch to high efficiency, which conserves both water and energy. When these fixtures first came out there were some issues with performance, but today’s models can outperform most standard fixtures on the market. The cost of replacing old pipes and fixtures can often be quickly recouped in the increased savings you’ll see on your energy bill.

If you’re in the market for new plumbing pipes or fixtures, your Durham plumber can give you a proper estimate of cost and time involved. They can also have you back up and running with clean, free-flowing water in no time. Call JD Service Now for more info!

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