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Why is My Toilet Running Constantly?

Normal-functioning toilets fill up with water immediately after a flush. The “running” sound is just the water entering the tank until it’s filled. However, sometimes a toilet will run for longer than it should. Constantly-running toilets are a common household problem, and although it might seem insignificant, toilets account for nearly 30 percent of your water usage! If your toilet isn’t working properly or it is running longer than it should, you may be exceeding the 30 percent mark and spending more on the water bill than you need to. 

When a toilet is running abnormally, it is because the water is continuing to flow into the tank for a longer period of time than it would normally take for it to fill. For a normal, low-flow toilet, the “running time” can be as little as 15 seconds. For most toilets, the tank will refill within 45 seconds to one-and-a-half minutes. If it’s longer than that, you have an issue.

Here are some common reasons why your toilet may be running:

Flapper Chain Is Too Long (or Too Short)

A common problem is that the flapper chain is either too long or too short for your toilets handle. This may not allow the flapper seal to properly close. If the chain is too short, it prohibits the flapper seal from fully shutting—allowing the water to continually run. If the chain is too long, it may get in the way of the flapper seal closing and may prevent it from establishing a tight seal.

To fix this problem, you can simply adjust the flapper chain’s length. Open the lid to make sure that the flapper can close properly without stretching the chain or allowing it to get in the way.

Damaged Flapper

Over time, the flapper can deteriorate, crack, or develop other problems that prevent your toilet from functioning properly. If the seal is not complete, water will continue to flow out of the tank into the bowl.

The Float is Too High

There is a fixed point in the flushing mechanism at which the float will signal the water to shut off. If the float is raised to a level higher than the water will reach, the water will continue to flow into the toilet and down the overflow valve.

JD Service Now Is Here to Help

Although these are the most common reasons for your toilet to run, there are many other possible reasons that can make it difficult for you to diagnose. If you need help finding the problem, we can help you. Our Durham plumbing service have emergency plumbers on call 7-days-a-week to handle any and every residential and commercial emergency plumbing problems. We go to great lengths to ensure you are taken care of, no matter the hour.

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