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Why Is My Water Heater Gurgling?

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Water heaters rarely enter into homeowners’ minds, save during normal maintenance and periods when they actively malfunction. You can spot problems early on by listening for strange noises made by your water heater. Raleigh, NC has its share of experts to deal with the issue, but if you spot it early enough, they can move on the problem quickly before it necessitates more serious repairs. For instance, listen for a distinct gurgling noise before or after you use it.

Why Does My Hot Water Heater Gurgle?

Rust, sediment, and mineral buildup in the tank are typically the cause of hot water heater gurgling noises. This is common in older water heaters, as they are more prone to rust and buildup. When you turn the shower or faucet on, the hot water in the water heater tank rises to the top for dispersal into your house. It’s replaced by cold water, which needs to be heated in preparation for use. The cold water settles at the bottom of the tank below the hot water. If there’s a lot of scaling or sediment build-up when the heated water rises it creates the gurgling sound.

The Most Common Sediment Buildup is Calcium

Here’s how you can combat calcium deposits.

By extending the life of your water heater yourself, you can save a lot of money and prolong the life of your heater.

  • Flushing your water heater once a year is a good idea. You should drain your water heater once a year after it has cooled. Water will flush out calcium particles along with it.

  • Apply organic chemicals. Calcium buildup can be combated most effectively with vinegar or lye. You should let your water heater sit for a few hours to let the chemicals soak in the tank before turning it on again.

  • Maintain the appropriate temperature. As the water gets hotter, more calcium is left behind. Ensure that your water heater isn’t set above the manufacturer’s recommended temperature, usually between 120oF and 140oF.

Stop calcium in its tracks.

In order to prevent calcium deposits from forming not only in your water heater but in the entire plumbing system of your home, it is best to install a water softener. Calcium buildup is prevented before it even occurs with this solution, saving you time and money in the long run.

How To Fix A Water Heater That Gurgles

A trained plumber can correct the problem by draining the water heater and cleaning off the scaling. Once the water is flushed out, the plumber can remove the sediment build-up and restore the tank to its previous capacity.

In some cases, the build-up might be too much to repair, especially if the water heater is particularly old. Most water heaters are under warranty, but once the warranty expires, you may want to think about a new one.

JD Service Now Can Help With All Your Water Heater Needs

If you do or if you simply want to stop that gurgling noise whenever you use the shower, then contact JD Service Now for help. We know how to repair and replace all manner of water heaters. Raleigh, NC has been part of our service area from the beginning, and we pride ourselves on making every one of our customers happy. We can clean your water heart if it needs it, or talk to you about replacement options if the time is right. Call us today if you need a Raleigh water heater service.

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