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Why A/C System Checks Are Worth A System Check

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Some homeowners want to avoid having to call a technician to check on their A/C system. But it can have major benefits! Your air conditioner is a big part of your home, so it is important to keep up with your system’s maintenance. Just like having your vehicle serviced or going to the doctor’s office annually, there are several reasons why getting an A/C System Check is worth it!

Increases Energy Efficiency

Overtime, there can be build up of dirt and debris in your home. It can cover your unit inside and out, but you can only clean the outside. Having a technician clean the inside allows for your system to work at a higher efficiency than before. Dust can restrict the system from functioning properly. When dust gets inside the coils, it limits heat exchange from occurring, so your house is warmer than you would like. Your system tries to work harder to provide cooler air and causes it to become less efficient. When it is cleaned, efficiency increases and it will reduce your costs!

Keeps Your Warranty Valid

An A/C unit needs regular maintenance and most units come with a warranty. Many of those warranties require that regular maintenance is performed to allow the warranty to remain valid. So to be able to get parts to repair the system from the company that provided the unit, there needs to be proof a professional HVAC technician has assessed the unit regularly. A benefit of keeping up with your maintenance is having the warranty! Getting an A/C System Check will avoid your warranty from becoming void, so you can keep getting the support you need from the warranty.

Prevent Future Breakdowns

Regular maintenance does more than just keep your warranty valid. A/C System Checks allow a technician to fully inspect your system to see if there are any current or future issues that may guide your unit to a breakdown. Without an A/C System Check, there would be no way to catch a potential issue, causing you trouble in the future. Little issues that start could turn into expensive repairs if they go unnoticed. It is especially important to make sure your A/C unit is working at the highest level of performance before the warmer months hit. Having no A/C when the temperature is scorching outside is not ideal.

Longer Lasting System

If your unit keeps needing big repairs and constantly battling to work for your home, chances are it won’t last as long. An A/C System Check with regular maintenance catches those current issues and ones that could cause trouble in the future. By solving them and keeping up with preventative maintenance, it EXTENDS the life of your unit. An A/C unit is a big investment to make for a home and that is not something to put to waste.


JD Service can handle any of your HVAC needs. An A/C System Check can impact your home in a positive way so consider us and schedule an A/C System Check today to make your home happier! Contact us today at 919-383-7000 to schedule a service

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