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What White Buildup on Your Faucet Means

Calcite buildup on shower faucet with limescale from hard water

If you’ve noticed a buildup of white material around your faucets and drains, you might be worried about what it means.

It’s always a good idea to question something that looks out of place rather than ignore it, although in this case, the white buildup isn’t necessarily catastrophic or hazardous to your health.

However, white buildup on your bathroom fixtures can lead to problems. Here are some basic facts about what’s happening and what you should do about it.

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What Is the White Buildup on Your Faucet?

The white buildup you see on your water fixtures is calcite, a deposit left by magnesium and calcium. Water that contains high levels of these two minerals is called hard water. It isn’t particularly dangerous to drink, although it will make it difficult to get a good lather from soap.

The trouble that hard water poses is to your plumbing. Look at the buildup on your faucet or around the drains; now imagine that starting to build up in the pipes. This can eventually block water flow entirely, and as the space inside the pipes becomes constricted, the water pressure will increase. This is one of the main causes of pipe leaks.

There are simple ways to remove the calcite you see using commercial products designed to combat this kind of buildup. Make sure you start with milder cleaners to avoid damaging the surface. Baking soda and white vinegar mixed together can also be effective.

However, these are only temporary fixes: The problem remains that you have hard water, probably coming from the municipal water system. What can you do about this?

How To Prevent Calcite Buildup on Your Faucet

The best solution to remove hard water from your home is to have a professional install a water softener. There are many types of water softeners, but they’re all more complex than a standard local water filter that removes large particles.

A professional can install a system that balances the minerals and salts in your water so you don’t get excess sodium as the calcium and magnesium are removed.

How much trouble hard water can cause for you varies. You may only get a few deposits around the sink drain, or your plumbing could develop multiple leaks. Hire a water treatment specialist to look at the possibilities if you suspect you have hard water.

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