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When & What Temperature to Run a Heater at During the Winter

Keeping warm during the coldest months of the year is crucial. A cold home can be one that no one wants to spend time in! Yet, running a heater through the winter months can be as expensive as it is comforting. This can lead many people to avoid using their heater in the name of saving money on energy bills. Thankfully, following a few simple tips can help everyone save money while keeping their home as comfortable as it should be during the coldest months of the year!

What to Set a Heater Thermostat at to Save Money

According to research, it’s possible to save 10 percent each year on the costs of heating and cooling by turning a thermostat back a few degrees each day for at least 8 hours a day. Experts suggest turning a thermostat back 7 to 10 degrees while not at home or when heating isn’t needed as much. When the warmth of a heater is needed, keeping a thermostat at 68 degrees can help make sure a house stays warm without breaking the bank. In fact, some estimates place a saving of 1 to 3 percent on monthly energy bills for each percent a thermostat is lowered!

Save Money with a Smart Thermostat

Today, controlling a thermostat is easier than it ever has been. While thermostats with timers can help save money, modern smart thermostats make temperature management efficient and streamlined. With a smart thermostat, users can adjust the temperature of their home while away, create energy-saving profiles, and even have a thermostat monitor the most efficient ways to run a heating system!

While away from your home or sleeping, set your thermostat to about 62 degrees. Doing this prevents your home from getting so cold that it takes even more energy to warm it up when needed. It also helps create a base level of warmth that’s just enough for the hours a household’s members are bundled under blankets in bed!

Comfort Matters the Most While Using a Heater

Ultimately, trying to save money when it comes to using a heater is something that requires balance. If taken too far, trying to save money while heating a home can make it uncomfortable and unworthy of the cost. Heaters are tools we use to fight nature, and they require significant energy use to run as a result. This makes using a heater something that is inherently costly. So, finding a balance between expense and comfort is key to dialing in the right settings for your thermostat. If you’re too cold, don’t let a few more dollars on a monthly bill stop you from being comfortable—you’re paying for it anyway!

A Properly Maintained Heating Systems Means Lower Bills

Heating systems that are properly installed and maintained are as efficient as possible and, as a result, cheaper to run. One of the best ways to make sure your heater is running as it should is with regular maintenance from an experienced Durham HVAC company. At JD Service Now, our team Durham HVAC heating maintenance pros are ready to make sure your heater is working and ready to keep you comfortable through the winter months!

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