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Well Water Conditioning in Durham, NC: Ask JD Services

In last week’s blog, we discussed the different types of well pumps in Durham and how they work to provide clean, running water for thousands of homeowners in this area. The JD Service Now experts addressed the most frequently asked questions about well water and well pumps here in “the Triangle” of North Carolina the service area of JD between Durham, Raleigh, and the Eastern Suburbs. Read that article here.

But no discussion of well pumps and private well water is really complete without water conditioning playing a role. Water treatment is especially critical for well water. Without water softening and water filtration, your own home may not be adequately protected from harmful water “hardness” and contaminants.

Luckily, JD Service Now has the well water conditioning solutions you need. Does your home get its tap water from a private well? Does the water from your sink or shower show signs of needing purification or treatment? Then make sure to read the information below:

Interview with the Experts: Water Conditioning in Durham, NC

We sat down with John Dietz, owner of JD Service Now, as well as Aaron and Michael from the company, to talk about the importance of water conditioning in Durham, particularly for homes with well pumps. Here’s what was said.

QUESTION: How does private well water compare to municipal water in terms of water quality?

JOHN: There’s a trade-off. Private well water isn’t treated in a public facility, so it doesn’t have the problem with excessive chlorine content that public water tends to have. Homeowners in Durham and all across rural America have also said that well water tastes crisper, fresher, and more natural people in East Durham typically choose well pumps because it’s easier than extending a line to the municipal reservoir, but some choose well water for the taste! Still, well water does have its issues, namely water hardness. The hardness of well water is the main reason it always has to be treated.

QUESTION: What does water “hardness” mean?

JOHN: Hard water is water that has excess mineral content. This comes from when the water is percolated through mineral deposits. Typically, hard water has high levels of calcium and magnesium since well water comes from underground, straight from natural reservoirs, water hardness in Durham well water is fairly common.

QUESTION: How can you tell if your water is hard?

JOHN: Hard water can have a number of adverse effects on a home. For one thing, it can damage hair, stain clothes, and make your skin feel itchy. In fact, the women of a household will often notice water hardness first, since the minerals in the water react with makeup and hair products.

MICHAEL: Split-ends is the big thing I hear my fiance talk about.

JOHN: But even beyond personal care, hard water in your home can cause serious problems for your plumbing fixtures and appliances. Corrosion and staining on faucets and toilets are big hard water problems. Over time, the minerals in hard water build up in pipe interiors and wear down rubber stoppers, causing leaks and clogs. It can cause your water heater, dishwasher, and laundry machines to fail before the end of their life expectancy.

QUESTION: So how does a Durham homeowner fix hard water?

MICHAEL: In my home, we put in a water softener. The first thing you’ll notice when you have water softening in your home is the difference it makes for your hair.

AARON: At JD, we offer a wide array of water conditioning solutions for both well and city water. A carbon filter can help you get rid of all the chlorine that soaks into your skin while you bathe, making for healthier, cleaner water. A water softening system, as Mike said, can remove the minerals in your water, reducing the effects of hard water on your body and hair. We also install reverse osmosis devices to purify water for better smell and taste.

QUESTION: What are the benefits of water conditioning from JD Service Now, Heating, and Air?

JOHN: Partnering with JD for your water conditioning means you’re guaranteed to get fresh, clean water all year round for the price of one system installation. Our whole-home water filtration and water softening solutions can improve the water quality of any home well water and city water alike. Plus, all of our company’s work comes with upfront pricing, which means you know exactly what you pay on the initial estimate. Don’t rely on bottled water instead of your tap! You can make living in Durham healthier, more convenient, and more affordable with water conditioning services from JD today.

Call JD Service Now, Heating, and Air for your own whole-home water softening solutions today!


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