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Trenchless Pipe Repair: 5 Advantages It Has Over Traditional Methods

When it comes to pipe repair, traditional methods can be messy and inconvenient. Not only do they require extensive excavation, but they can also take days or even weeks to complete. Fortunately, there is an alternative. Trenchless pipe repair offers many advantages over traditional methods. Let our team of experts explain!

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Preserve Your Yard & Landscape

One of the greatest advantages of trenchless pipe repair is the preservation of your yard and landscape. This method of repair takes place entirely underground, so there is no need to dig up any of your landscaping or hardscaping. Unlike traditional methods, you won’t have to worry about uprooting plants, trees, or paving stones in order to access the pipe that needs repairing. This is especially beneficial if you have an intricate and carefully designed landscape, as well as not having to worry about restoring your yard after the work is done.

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Save Money

Trenchless pipe repair requires far less than traditional methods. As its name implies, this process doesn’t require any digging or trenching, which eliminates the need for heavy machinery and manual labor. You will also be saving money by using fewer materials with trenchless pipe repair. Since you don’t have to dig and replace large sections of pipe, you only need to use the material necessary to repair the damaged area. Lastly, trenchless pipe repair takes much less time to complete than traditional methods. Without having to dig up the ground and remove large sections of pipe, you can get the job done in significantly less time, saving you money on labor costs.

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Prevent Damage To Wires & Utilities

When it comes to pipe repair, traditional methods can often require extensive digging and trenching. This process can cause serious damage to wires and utility lines that may be underground. With trenchless pipe repair, however, those worries are gone, as it does not require any digging or trenching. Instead, the new pipe is run through the existing pipe, eliminating the need for extensive excavation. This means that any wires or utility lines that may be underground will remain undisturbed, preventing any potential damage.

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Reduce “Out Of Service”

Time Another major advantage of trenchless pipe repair is its ability to reduce out-of-service time. Traditional pipe replacement often requires excavation of the ground around the damaged area, which can take days or weeks, depending on the size and scope of the project. With trenchless pipe repair, there’s no need for excavation, meaning the water and waste utilities can be turned back on much more quickly.

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Quicker Project Completion Time

When it comes to pipe repair, faster completion times are often the deciding factor for many homeowners. After all, the last thing you want is to have a plumbing project drag on for weeks or months. Fortunately, trenchless pipe repair has a huge advantage over traditional methods in this area, allowing for much quicker project completions. Trenchless pipe repair is a minimally invasive method that doesn’t require extensive excavation. Instead of having to dig up large sections of your yard, the technicians only need to access two points of the broken pipe. This means there’s no need to replace the pipe or cause massive damage to the landscape. Because of this, the project time is drastically reduced.

The advantages of trenchless pipe repair over traditional methods are endless! From the preservation of your landscaping, to shorter completion time, and a lower cost, there is no question as to what the best solution is for sewer pipe repair. We hope that the next time your pipes are in need of serious repair, this blog posts will help aid you in making an educated choice on what the best pipe repair method is for your home! Not sure if you are a candidate for trenchless pipe repair? Our JD Service Now team is here to help, give us a call today!

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