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Signs That Your Well Pump Needs Repairs in Durham

If your home does not have access to a water line from the municipal system, a well pump is an essential part of your home. Without a pump drawing fresh water from an outside well, you would have no water for bathing, cleaning, or cooking. Whether you have a jet pump or a submersible pump doing the job, you need to have your well pump in good condition, working without repair needs, so it’s ready whenever you need it.

When you detect that your well pump may have a malfunction, call for repairs immediately. JD Service Now provides comprehensive service for well pumps: installation, maintenance, replacement, and repair. Don’t risk losing your fresh water; call us when your well pump in Durham, NC starts to show any of these signs that it is working incorrectly.

How To Know Your Well Pump Needs To Be Repaired

  • Low water pressure: One of the common early warnings that a well pump is experiencing difficulties is a drop in the water pressure at fixtures throughout your home. This often indicates trouble with the well pump’s motor or clogging in the pump intake.
  • No water at all: If the water into your home stops entirely, you’ll need to call for emergency repair. Although it’s possible that the well pump is not at fault (the well could be dry, or the main pipe broke), it is the first place to investigate. Often, loss of water comes from an electrical problem that has deprived the well pump of power.
  • Pulsating water: If you turn on a faucet and the water comes out in pulses, as if it were being beaten out in Morse code, then the well pump is probably encountering trouble with its motor and isn’t working steadily. Since this usually means the well pump is close to a full shut down, call for repairs right away.

Professional plumbers will need to examine your well pump to determine whether replacement or repair is the best solution. They will find out if the pump is having electrical, motor, or clogging issues. Trained plumbers are the best to handle this job because the work involved is more complicated than most homeowners think; the well pump is often deep in the well and difficult to access. Tampering without training or the right tools could end up creating more costly repair needs.

Along with prompt repairs, you should schedule regular maintenance on your well pump. An annual visit from a technician will go a long way toward preventing future problems.

Call JD Service Now the moment you need help with your well pump in Durham, NC.

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