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Save Water in Your Bathroom Today

A Look at Some Innovative Technology

What homeowner hasn’t opened a water bill only to be knocked to the floor when it’s five times the normal amount, or more And unless you have a serious undetected leak somewhere in your house, it’s almost certainly a faulty toilet. So you replace your flapper valves, and in six months or a year, you get hit with another whopping bill.

But even your “normal” water bill is probably too high. So, what are you going to do about that? Sure, you can replace your aging, inefficient toilets and install expensive, low-flush toilets. And you will save some water, providing a single flush does the trick. However, the real savings only comes if you permanently prevent the toilets from leaking.

Here are the facts:

  • 26.7%: the percentage of water used by toilets alone
  • 20%: the percentage of toilets that leak
  • 85%: the percentage of leaks in residential plumbing systems found in toilets
  • 200 gallons: the amount of water wasted by one leaky toilet in one day
  • 75,000 gallons: the amount of water wasted by one leaky toilet in one year

So how much water do you think you are wasting in your home and what can you do about it?

Be proactive and frugal at the same time. Instead of buying new toilets, replace your existing toilet flush units with The Aqua Mizer Adjustable Flush System. You will use minimal landfill space, dramatically reduce your water usage and water treatment costs. And you’ll be taking this environmentally green step while spending a lot less money.

Here is what the Aqua Mizer Adjustable Flush System offers:

Better Flush Efficiency –The system’s design improves the overall performance of all toilets, including typical low-flush toilets, as it flushes with higher velocity.

Superior Design and Manufacturing – For quality control, the entire system has been flushed 250,000 times after soaking in a chlorine bath for 30 days, and every single unit is tank tested before delivery. The flapper is made of highly chlorine resistant material.

Unparalleled Performance – The Aqua Mizer Adjustable Flush System provides a simple solution to upgrade just about any toilet bowl to a totally efficient, code compliant, eco-friendly system that will easily outperform anything on the market.

Innovative Features

  • Positive Leak Prevention: Specially engineered float cup prevents the tank from refilling if a leak occurs.
  • Flat Flapper Improves Flush: Flapper design allows unobstructed flow of water into the bowl at maximum velocity
  • Optimum Flush Performance: Adjustable flush volume control, uses the weight of the water in the tank to increase velocity with less water being flushed.
  • Special Filter: Fill valve is designed with a built-in, removable filter to easily discard accumulated sediment and debris.
  • Prevents Leaks from Corrosion: Unlike other fill valves, this system contains no internal metal parts to clog or corrode.

Ask your plumber about Aqua Mizer.

*Data Source: American Water Works Association

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