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Oil to Gas Conversion in Durham, NC

During the dead of winter, the onslaught of snow and frigid temperatures isn’t your only concerns. As the temperatures drop, so too does your utility funds. Expensive heating costs can add unneeded stress to any family but can be easily remedied. By switching from oil to natural gas you are saving money and energy.

With natural gas, homeowners are tied to the main feed provided by Durham’s utility provider. By not having that hideous tank lurking in the basement, you are assured of a constant fuel source. No more running out! Over the course of a long winter, you can save thousands of dollars plus natural gas is more energy-efficient than oil.

When deciding on making the switch, there are two factors to consider in home heating:

Forced-Air Furnace

  • Uses existing ductwork to deliver heat
  • Runs on same system as A/C
  • Easy to control and maintain constant temperature
  • Out of sight, out of mind. No baseboards or radiators

Radiant Heating

  • Heats water via a boiler
  • Supplies heat using radiator, baseboards, or under-floor/slab tubing
  • Energy efficient: doesn’t heat air, heats surfaces
  • No ductwork required

So what are you waiting for, Hiring a professional plumbing company, like JD Service Now, they can provide a free estimate, fill out any necessary paperwork, apply for permits, perform installation, and guarantee constant heat through the warranty of your natural gas heating system.

Other Factors

  • Eligible for state rebate program
  • Cleaner carbon footprint
  • Safer than oil and more reliable
  • Even if living off of main gas line, propane offers similar benefits

After the initial startup costs, you will begin to see a return on your investment. The cost savings and energy savings can be seen right away. With oil, the market prices are dictated by foreign reserves. By switching to natural gas, you are getting gas directly from the domestic market, ensuring a steady, lower cost. While no fuel source is perfect, with natural gas you have a cleaner, more energy efficient heating method that will let you save money and concentrate on other areas of your life.

JD Service Now knows the effect winters have on North Carolina residents. That is why they are the trusted name for your heating needs. Find out how much you can save by making the switch with a free estimate. Live in comfort and confidence this winter; call us today.

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