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How Can Furnace Replacement in Raleigh Improve Efficiency in Your Home?

An older furnace will certainly decrease in efficiency over time. Aside from the fact, worn parts will increase the amount of energy used to raise the temperature in your home by the same amount, you also have to consider the fact newer furnaces are built to be more efficient. It’s understandable if you’ve been putting off furnace replacement Raleigh homeowners have been settling on. Updating an old model has benefits and risks. New parts may simply not be compatible or the unit can break down soon altogether.

Why is Replacing a Furnace a Good Idea?

Replacing an old, worn out furnace is the most direct solution. Modern furnaces have higher efficiency. Some are as much as 90 percent efficient, converting a higher amount of fuel into heat. There are even cases modern furnaces reaching 98.5 percent efficiency. By contrast, older ones don’t really exceed 70 percent efficiency and many barely reach over 50. Such a boost in efficiency greatly reduces the amount of carbon dioxide your home releases into the air.

Of course, the furnace will only be effective if it is the right size. An oversized model will have a lower capacity. The right furnace, combined with other energy efficiency improvements, can do a world of good. Working with your expert in furnace replacement Raleigh customers have relied on is, therefore, a great idea. That is where JD Service Now can help.

A new furnace can make your home more energy efficient if it’s designed to do so. ENERGY STAR certifies high-efficiency systems, especially for people in colder climates. Some options include sealed combustion furnaces. These draw in colder air and heat it while exhausting any combustion byproducts to the outside. Also, they eliminate the issue of wasting heat energy by sending it up the chimney.

New furnaces can also help because you’ll need a smaller one if you’ve already performed other efficiency improvements. You spend less on the unit and also on the utility bills. Today’s furnaces also run on gas, oil, or electricity, depending on the model. While age will decrease efficiency, a well-maintained furnace can last anywhere from 15 to 30 years.

Can You Benefit from Furnace Replacement in Raleigh?

To maximize the efficiency you will have, a contractor should visit your home and determine the best-sized furnace. Think your older unit can be updated or wondering if that is even worth it. Contact JD Service Now today and a contractor will examine your home to advise you on the best approach to maximizing efficiency.

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