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Why Financially Wise Homeowners Schedule Spring Tune-Ups

Spring is here, and that means summer will be here in less than a blink. JD Service Now is gearing up for a busy season of desperate homeowners needing their air conditioners repaired, so we thought we’d put up a blog about why it’s better to get a tune-up while you can.

Tune-ups are to AC repair as exercising is to ER visits. In other words, the point of a tune-up is to schedule one before your AC is experiencing problems. Why spend money to fix a problem before it happens? Easy—look at the difference between a gym fee and a hospital bill.

Here are 3 more reasons you’ll want to schedule an appointment with our Durham AC technicians:

Spring Tune-Ups Bring Down Your Cooling Bill

According to Angie’s List, a finely-tuned air conditioner will cost 15 percent less to run than a regular air conditioner. The energy savings during the summer alone would pay for the cost of the tune-up—but spring maintenance offers additional benefits, like catching small issues before they become costlier repairs.

If you want to maximize your paycheck, you’ll spend it on maintenance before the highest-usage months of the year. Think about planning a road trip—wouldn’t you get maintenance and a tune-up before driving 3,000 miles?

Spring AC Maintenance Means a Longer Lifespan

What could you do with an extra $4,000?

Homeowners who look after their AC units end up with thousands of dollars more in their pockets than homeowners who neglect their air conditioners. Fewer repairs, fewer replacements, and less spending in general.

One-time AC maintenance means fewer problems this year. Regular maintenance means fewer problems every year. Those years add up—you could potentially double the lifespan of your AC unit by getting a technician to regularly replace parts, refill refrigerant, and check its performance.

It’s Cheaper for You to Book Today Than In July

No one wants to pay a premium for emergency service, but thousands of North Carolina homeowners are going to anyway this summer. Their air conditioners are going to break down, their homes will heat up like enormous sweat boxes, and they’ll call for someone, anyone, to come fix it.

If you get a tune-up now, there’s no emergency. There’s no hurry. You don’t pay extra for a rookie technician to show up on the spot. Even better, you’ll end up getting fast service anyway because spring is naturally a less busy time!

Most importantly, any problems that might’ve left you without air conditioning in a couple months? A tune-up will catch those problems—so you’re virtually guaranteeing that you won’t need to call us again in a few weeks.

Ready to book a tune-up? Contact us here to request service!

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