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Furnace Replacement in Durham, NC

Does your furnace sputter, smoke, not work, or are makeshift parts failing you left and right? When it’s time for a new furnace in your Durham home, waiting is not an option during this winter. By waiting until it’s too late not only will it cause a frosty living environment but also pose a safety issue for your family. A faulty furnace can leak fatal carbon monoxide into your home and potentially lead to fire. At JD Service Now, we want to be your first response team of heating experts that will solve all your furnace replacement needs.

Maybe constant repairs have gotten you by in past winters and your home’s furnace is near the end of its lifespan. At JD Service Now, we have many options for supplying your home with constant and dependable heat. With our service, you are assured of efficient heat. At JD Service Now, we have many options to choose from.

Furnace Replacement Options

Gas vs. Electric: Natural Gas or Propane versus Electric Heat

  • Heating with Natural Gas – The most popular form of fuel, natural gas offers great efficiency and effective heating. It is relatively inexpensive and piped from the town line directly into your home. No gigantic tank taking up space in your basement. By getting fuel from the main line, you will never fear of running out.
  • Heating with Electricity – If you are off the main natural gas line, electricity is your best option. An electric furnace is another great way to enjoy all the benefits of a furnace without the need for a gas line. While electric furnaces are more expensive to run than gas, today’s models of electric furnaces are energy efficient while giving you constant warmth.

Even if your old furnace isn’t giving you issues, running a more efficient model will save the constant drain of your utilities. The cost might be high up front but this wise investment will save you money over the life of the furnace. JD Service Now has many options for furnaces that will fit any need your home has.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced and Safe: Our technicians can spot current trouble spots with your furnace and ones that might develop down the road. Their honesty and professionalism will provide you sound advice on whether a replacement is necessary.

Efficient and Reliable: Once a decision is made on replacement, our team of experts installs the correct model the right way and quickly. The older model is discarded and our techs don’t leave until the job is finished and the new furnace is tested to customer’s satisfaction.

Affordable: From start to finish, our quest is to make the job as cost-efficient as possible. Not only will you be saving money on the installation but on the efficiency of home heating as well.

Why live with an old, outdated furnace that doesn’t give you the most efficient heat possible? Contact JD Service Now today to get upfront pricing and immediate action. Trust the experts for all your furnace repair and installation needs. Trust JD Service Now. Call us today!

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