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The Common Plumbing Problems Durham Homeowners Face

The experts at JD Service Now have years of experience working with all different kinds of plumbing issues in the cities of Durham, Raleigh. and surrounding areas. We’ve responded to countless calls for service and below, we talk about the most common plumbing issues we repair.

If you followed our Durham plumbers on a call, it would most likely be for:

  • Leaks
  • Clogs
  • Low water pressure

If you’re having any of the following problems and need a Raleigh Plumbing Services, our experts at JD Service Now can help you!


Your plumbing system handles over 30,000 of gallons of water every single year. Any piece of equipment that deals with that much water is bound to leak. A leak could mean that we just need to tighten the pipe fittings, or it could mean that we need to replace that section of pipe. It can be difficult to detect where the leak is occurring and what the underlying issue might be without a professional inspection.


Another very common problem that our experts see are clogs. The drains in your bathroom and kitchen are two of the most common areas for clogs. Soap scum and hairs are often the cause of bathroom clogs, while food waste is the most common for kitchen clogs. Animal bones, fruit pits, melted fat, or starchy foods shouldn’t go down your garbage disposal or kitchen drain. These foods can build-up eventually and lead to serious issues for your drainage system.

Low Water Pressure

If your home doesn’t have good water pressure, there are a few reasons why pressure would drop. It could be corrosion or a mineral build-up inside your water line. Another cause of low water pressure is a leak in the water main. Identifying the cause of low water pressure can also be difficult, but leaving it in the hands of professionals will make your life easier and increase the lifespan of your pipes.

The Durham and Raleigh, NC plumbers at JD Service Now can help you with any type of plumbing problem that you are experiencing. Call us today to schedule service!

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