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The Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters in Raleigh

Save Money and Energy When Switching to Tankless

You’ve heard about the issues with your conventional water heaters, but the initial price of tankless still seems steep.  Your question now is: really, is tankless worth it’  First of all, one important distinction needs to be made: installing a tankless water heater isn’t just a purchase: it’s an investment  in convenience and savings for your home.  Over time, those savings will add up to pay for the device and then continue giving you more money in your wallet moving forward.  At JD Service Now, your convenience is out priority: we’re positive that tankless can be the smarter choice for your household in the long term, and we want you to share that confidence!

In this article, we’ll run you through all of the benefits of tankless so you’ll understand why you should think long term and look into tankless today.

When You Upgrade to Tankless, You’ll Enjoy:

  • Perpetual Hot Water– Never worry about running out of hot water again.  With tankless water heaters, you get an endless stream of hot water whenever you need it, so you won’t experience cold showers if you’re the last one in line!  If you let us install the instant hot water dispenser as well, you’ll never have to wait more than a second for the water to be hot.
  • Energy Savings– A conventional water heater spends energy all day long on stored water, and only 60% of that energy is actually heating effectively.  That means you’re paying for 24/7 inefficient heating on your utility bill!  Tankless units are generally over 30% more efficient than tank-type, and they heat water on demand so you never pay for heat you don’t use.  The savings typically add up to $100 a month!
  • Space Conservation– With the compact design of a tankless water heater, you don’t have to have a massive storage tank in your utility room.  That space becomes free again when you can simply install your tankless on any interior or exterior wall.

There are so many reasons to check out tankless water heating today.  If you call now, your installation comes with a free estimate, $400 off an instant hot water dispenser, and, as always, the guaranteed piece of mind that comes with any JD Service Now job. So call today!

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