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Avoid Chapel Hill Drain Cleaning Scams

Over time, old drains tend to lose their flow capacity, meaning that the pipes themselves have reduced diameters. This happens because corrosion, residue build-up, and other obstructions restrict the width of the plumbing’s interior. The result is more frequent drain clogs and less efficient plumbing, both of which translate to:

  • Drains Leaving Standing Water in Tubs
  • Frequently Backed-Up Toilets
  • Main Line Back-Flow into Basement
  • Bad Odors from Kitchen or Bathroom Sinks

Drain problems are inconvenient and unsafe to live with, so you call in a drain cleaning expert in Chapel Hill to help fix the problem. You might go online and try to find the cheapest price. But make sure that the Chapel Hill drain cleaning expert you choose is worthy of your trust! Altogether too many homeowners call professional plumbers looking for drain cleaning and wind up with a scam instead.

National chain drain cleaning companies are notorious for pulling unethical bait and switch routines on their customers. Here are a few examples of drain-cleaning scams to avoid:

  1. The plumber arrives under the pretense that they will provide drain cleaning, but they really just mean drain clearing. Many Chapel Hill homeowners aren’t aware that there’s a difference between just opening the drains so that they flow properly again and actually restoring the drain. Whereas a drain clearing just means that the plumber will remove the obstruction, drain cleaning should mean that something is done to address the actual build-up that is the true source of the problem. High water pressure jetting (or “hydrojetting”) for instance will actually restore old pipes for a more permanent fix.
  2. The plumber arrives at the home for a simple drain repair and winds up trying to sell a much larger job. You probably don’t need a complete sewer repair just because someone flushed a toy down the toilet. Reasons for truly needing sewer repair are mainly related to having older drains with outdated or corroded materials. If your plumbing system is made of Orangeburg or cast iron, then yes, sewer replacement will be your best option. However, don’t fall for a Chapel Hill drain cleaning specialist telling you that your pipes need to be repaired when a drain snaking would do the trick.
  3. The plumber arrives and performs the drain cleaning or drain repair, but the bill is much larger than the initial quote– Drain cleaning companies that charge by the hour may try to add hidden costs and labor fees to the end of your bill. At JD Service Now, we think there should be no surprises when you need drain cleaning for your Chapel Hill home. We charge a flat-rate so that you can pay for the job rather than the time it takes, and all of our pricing is upfront. Giving an estimate that you know will be exactly the number on your bill at the end of the job is critical to honest plumbing service.

So call JD Service Now to handle your Chapel Hill drain cleaning today!


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