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Ask a Raleigh Plumber: How Can a Tree Damage My Sewer?

It seems rather absurd at first. ?How can a tree damage my sewer?? We see trees as very placid, static things: neither moving much nor causing any real damage. But while they can provide lovely shade and atmosphere, they are still growing things. Thriving trees can present a serious concern for your sewer system, especially if you have pipes to a sewer in Raleigh which is a very green city. If left unchecked, they can cause serious damage and may even necessitate replacing the pipes entirely.

Your property likely contains sewer laterals, which connect your home plumbing to the Raleigh city sewer out in the street. Tree roots are naturally attracted to the lateral sewer line because the warm water and waste inside creates vapor that escapes into the nearby soil. If the pipe springs a leak, the problem becomes even worse. Waste from your toilet makes for natural fertilizer, which the tree roots will gravitate towards by default. They?ll slowly wrap their way around the pipe, taking ruthless advantage of any fissures or pores to send feelers into the pipe itself. Once inside, the roots will thrive and expand.

You?re thus facing two distinct problems: roots on the outside of the pipe rapping more tightly around it and roots on the inside of the pipe stopping up the flow of waste. You can see the problems this can cause: your flow from the pipe will slow to a trickle and eventually stop, and the pipe itself may suffer a serious rupture. None of this happens overnight ? tree roots move slowly after all ? but it usually takes place invisibly underground. By the time you realize that there?s a problem, it may be too late.

A good repair service can help correct the damage. The experts at JD Service Now handle issues surrounding the sewer in Raleigh, and know how to treat problems with tree roots. We offer advanced hydro-jetting methods for clearing sewer lines, as well as more traditional repair and replacement services. If you know the answer to “how can a tree damage my sewer?” the next step is to call us and set up an appointment today!

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