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5 Maintenance Tips from Our Hot Water Heater Service in Cary, NC

Keeping up with the maintenance on your hot water heater could be the deciding factor between a warm or freezing shower in the morning. Proper hot water heater service in Cary, NC, can help keep your hot water heater efficient and reliable all year long, and much less likely to leave you out in the cold after breaking down. Below our professionals at JD Plumbing have compiled a list of 5 tips for hot water heater service in Cary, NC, to make sure your appliance is properly maintained and ready for action.

1. Keep the Area Clear

Keeping the area clear around your water heater may not seem like a big deal, but keeping a clean location can help put off necessary hot water heater service in your home. Gas-powered units need oxygen to burn to heat up the water, so a crowded or smothered area could make it harder for the appliance to acquire oxygen. Additionally, if leaks occur, having a crowded area around the appliance could hide the damage, allowing the cracks and fissures to grow over time causing even larger leakage problems.

2. Flush the Tank

It’s a good practice in hot water heater service to flush the water tank at least once a year. Flushing the water from your tank will help remove sediment that builds up over time that will lower the efficiency of your unit. Make sure when flushing the tank to flush towards a safe area, as flushed hot water could kill grass or plants on the lawn.

3. Test the TPR Valve

The TPR valve on your hot water heater is the release valve that activates if the tank pressure gets too high. Checking this valve is a smart move in water heater safety because if it’s not working properly and the pressure grows too strong, it can lead to catastrophic water heater failure. Test this valve by turning off the cold-water supply valve and the power to the unit. Lift the TPR valve to let some water out. If it continues to let water out after you’ve let go, replace the valve.

4. Check Your Temperature

Are you aware of the temperature of your hot water heater? Every 10 degrees you lower the temperature, you can save up to 5 percent of energy costs. Knowing what temperature your water heater is at and being able to keep it as low as possible, is a good tip for water heater service and cost-effectiveness.

5. Annual Inspections

Having a professional come in to provide water heater service in Cary, NC, is a good annual step to take for water heater maintenance. A professional will not only be able to fix any minor issues that may be occurring with your unit but can also point out up-and-coming issues for you to take care of before the unit fails completely.

Proper maintenance of your hot water heater will keep the appliance efficient and reliable all year round. When it comes to hot water heater service in Cary, NC, JD Plumbing can offer the insight and solutions your home needs.

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