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3 Common Shower Repairs Done by Our Chapel Hill Plumber

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Your shower should always be in immaculate, pristine condition, so leave any repair work in the hands of a Chapel Hill plumber from JD Service Now. We understand how important a shower can in that nightly scrub after a long day of work or as a wide awakening before work in the morning. When your shower isn’t working as it should, you can say goodbye to things like fully washed hair and the general feeling of refreshment only a nice, relaxing shower can provide. You may also feel the pain of higher costs on energy and water bills due to a faulty shower, leaving you with added financial stress.

A Chapel Hill plumber from JD Service Now can provide you with durable, high-quality repair service that will allow you to spend more time washing up in the shower and less time worrying about whether your shower will provide you with enough relief. There’s nothing our plumbers haven’t seen before, so they’re ready to handle any and all shower repair.

What Can Our Chapel Hill Plumber Do For You

While our Chapel Hill plumber can provide a wide range of repair services, here are 3 of the most common repairs we see customers need time and time again:

  • Clogged Drain: Standing in dirty water isn’t fun, especially when taking a shower. The water slowly circles around the drain, taking forever to leave the bathtub. This can be the cause of a clog, either in the shower drain itself, or deeper into the plumbing system. With a process called water jetting, a certified technician will blast high-pressure water through pipes to clear any clog, even tree roots.
  • Low Water Pressure: Nothing ruins a shower by a slow stream of water trickling over you. The trick could be one of two things: water heater replacement, a sign telling you it is time to upgrade to a tankless heating system. The other factor in low water pressure is the risk of sediment and minerals building up in the pipes causing the lack of flow. A water filtration system like a softener can eliminate these minerals delivering pure water through the showerhead and faucet.
  • Dripping Faucet/Leaky Showerhead: The water is shut off after the shower, yet a constant drip remains from the faucet or showerhead. One leaky faucet can send hundreds of gallons of water per year down the drain one drop at a time. With the water turned off at the tap, a rubber or silicone-based washer forms a watertight seal. This could also lead to the valve seat becoming worn or corroded which would necessitate the need for a professional plumber.

Contact JD Service Now today to have a Chapel Hill plumber handle any of these 3 repairs and so much more!

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