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Tips For Maintaining A Clog Free Drain

Ahh, another drain clog! Are you finding yourself dealing with clog after clog? Our JD Service Now team can help. It’s important to take care of a drain clog as soon as you notice it, as it can lead to larger problems like a leak. However, it’s just as important to start taking preventative steps in keeping your drains clog-free. Our team of experts has listed out a few ways that are key to keeping your drains flowing RIGHT!

Drain Guards Are Your Friend

We’re not perfect! It can be hard to keep every food scrap out of the kitchen drain. Luckily, drain guards are a cheap, easy way to keep food scraps, soap scum, hair, and more out of your drains. Be sure to clean the drain guards regularly for optimum performance and to eliminate odors. The best part about drain guards is not only are they effective, but they are cheap. So when you need a replacement, you can simply purchase them at your local home store or online!

Keep Grease Out Of Your Sink

You have probably heard this before but if there is one thing that will wreak havoc on your drains, it’s a build-up of grease. Before washing cookware and dishes, remove as much of the grease, oil, or fat into a container to be disposed of properly.

Flush Your Drain With Hot Water

About once a week, heat up a pot of water on your stovetop. Once it is boiling, pour it down your kitchen sink. The hot water will help melt away any fat or grease that may have been collected inside your pipes. Be sure to pour the water slowly to avoid any splashing!

Watch Your Exfoliants & Bath Products

Not only can drain clogs occur in your kitchen drains but in your bathroom drains as well! You might want to take a double look at the products you are using as part of your bathtime routine. Scrubs with coffee grounds, bath bombs, and exfoliants that don't dissolve can all lead to a clogged drain. While it’s best to avoid the use of these products if you do happen to use them be sure to place a drain guard over your drain to catch any large particles while your bathtub drains.

By being a proactive homeowner you can help prevent drains clogs from occurring frequently! However, it seems that it is quite a challenge to avoid them forever. If you find yourself beginning to experience the early signs of drain clog, give our experts a call before it gets worse. We are here to TAKE GREAT CARE of you and ALL of your home’s drain needs. Give JD Service Now a call today at (919) 626-3626!