The Most Efficient Ways to Use Your Air Conditioner

We’re still experiencing relatively mild temperatures here in the Durham area, but the weather will continue to warm up as we make our way through spring and into summer. Now is a good time to review some of the ways you can use our air conditioning systems more efficiently—not only to save money on your electric bill but also to help the environment.

Here nine easy ways to use your AC more efficiently:

  • Leave the thermostat alone!
  • Keep curtains closed and blinds drawn.
  • Use fans to circulate air.
  • Get rid of hot air.
  • Use a dehumidifier.
  • Keep your outdoor AC unit out of the sun.
  • Save your chores for the evening.
  • Only use it when you need it.
  • Clean your filters.

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9 Ways to Use Your AC More Efficiently

You don’t have to be uncomfortable and it doesn’t have to be difficult to use your air conditioner efficiently. In fact, taking a few steps can improve your system’s ability to cool your home. It can also protect your system from unnecessary breakdowns, saving you time and headache in the long run!

Take the following steps to use your AC efficiently:

  • Leave the thermostat alone! It’s tempting to constantly adjust your thermostat, especially when you’re hot and uncomfortable. However, we recommend finding a temperature you can bear and sticking to it. Maybe you’ve settled on 78 degrees or 73 degrees. Once you’ve decided, try not to constantly fiddle with the thermostat. If it’s 80 degrees inside your home, setting the thermostat to 60 degrees is not going to make it cool off any faster than if you set it to 78 or 73.
  • Keep curtains closed and blinds drawn. Direct and even indirect sunlight can increase the temperature inside your home quite dramatically, making your AC system work harder to keep it cool. Keep the curtains closed and you can help your system work more efficiently.
  • Utilize fans to circulate air. Fans are an inexpensive and effective way to cool any living space. Ceiling fans, floor fans, and even small desktop fans circulate the air to help reduce temperatures, and you can move them so they’re blowing directly on you to cool you off even further. You may find that you can adjust your air conditioner to a warmer setting when you have fans running.
  • Get rid of hot air. The last thing you want to do is add hot air to your home while you’re using your AC to cool it. If you’re cooking, use the exhaust fan above your stove. If you don’t have an exhaust fan, use a floor fan to move hot air out of the kitchen.
  • Use a dehumidifier. Humidity will make warm temperatures seem even warmer. This is true inside and outside, so if you have a dehumidifier in your home, use it. It can help you feel more comfortable, and you may find that you can set your AC to a warmer temperature or use it less when you use your dehumidifier combined with floor and ceiling fans.
  • Keep your outdoor AC unit out of the sun. The north side of a home is the ideal spot for an air conditioning unit. While this is not always possible based on the layout of your house, you can plant trees or shrubs to offer shade to your outdoor unit.
  • Save your chores for the evening. Cooking is the most obvious culprit when it comes to household chores that can heat up your home. Your washer and drier can also increase temperatures. Saving chores for the evening can help keep your home cool and can also save you money on your electric bill, as some areas apply increased rates for using electricity during peak hours.
  • Only use it when you need it. If you’re not home or you are not using a certain area of your house, keep it warmer. Only cool spaces you’re using and only use the AC when you’re home. You can set it to turn on shortly before you arrive home, so you’re comfortable when you walk through the door but don’t waste money on cooling a home that has no one in it.
  • Clean your filters. We saved the best for last when it comes to keeping your AC unit working efficiently. Regularly cleaning or changing your filters will keep your system working smoothly. Clogged filters make the system work overtime and can lead to unnecessary wear and tear or complete breakdowns. With clean filters, your air conditioner will be able to keep your home cooler with less effort.

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