3 Reasons to Install a Tankless Water Heater in Cary, NC

Once upon a time, conventional water heating ruled. Water heater tanks were the standard and could be found in any basement of your average home. However, though they continue to supply hot water to homes everywhere, the tanks are more susceptible to leaks, cracks, and rust. This will only lead homeowners to spend more money on repairs and replacement. But times have changed, and if your water heater tank is giving you too much trouble, you should consider installing a tankless water heater in Cary, NC.

At JD Service Now, we can provide you with a tankless water heater in Cary, NC that will provide you with improved water heating. We can work quickly in replacing that old conventional water heater with a new tankless model so you're not waiting another moment to experience improved water heating efficiency. You can have hot water 24/7 for purposes like showering, dishwashing, laundry, and so much more.

Why Should You Consider Installing a Tankless Water Heater in Cary, NC?

A tankless water heater in Cary, NC can bring plenty of good things to your home, including the following:

  • Improved Energy Efficiency: The big drawback of conventional water heating is that it consumes more energy to produce the same amount of hot water. Fortunately, for homeowners who use less than 41 gallons of water, tankless water heaters are 24% to 34% more energy efficient than conventional methods. In addition, while conventional water heaters can last around 10 years, tankless water heating can deliver energy-efficient hot water for nearly two decades.
  • Space Saving: Another problem with conventional water heating is that it can take up space that could be otherwise used for installing other appliances or storing personal belongings. Plus, if you're looking to install other appliances in your home, it may be difficult finding the space to do it. If you make the switch to tankless, you may be providing yourself with water heating that can both provide you with the right amount of hot water that will also free up space in your home.
  • Reduced Spending on Bills: It's not just energy you'll save with a tankless water heater in Cary, NC. Since they aren't equipped with a tank, you don't┬áhave to worry about experiencing any cracks or leaks that could blossom into even worse problems, meaning you'll save money on any repair. Tankless water heating can also any standby heating losses, unlike conventional methods which can go through the frustrating process of heating up more water than necessary.

Contact JD Service Now today if you want to know more on how a tankless water heater in Cary, NC can improve your life!