Signs You Need Heating Repair in Durham

Any mechanical system can suffer from malfunctions and breakdowns, no matter how well maintained it is, and heating systems are no exception. When you think you have problems developing inside your heater, you need to call for professional heating repair in Durham, NC right away.

For quality repairs for all kinds of heaters, call JD Service Now. We've put together a guide to help you know when it's time to give us a call:

Signs it's time for heating repair

  • Strange noises: Perhaps the best "early warning system" for a heater is the noises that it makes during operation. If you've lived with your system for a month or more, you should have a good idea of what it sounds like when running normally. When unusual sounds disrupt this harmony, it could mean something has gone wrong, often a mechanical failure (e.g. grinding and screeching noises can indicate motors about to burn out). Because the various noises can have different causes behind them, you'll need to have a heating technician investigate to find out what repairs need to be done.
  • Upward swings on your heating bills: After a full winter with a heater, you will have mapped out what you can expect to see on your utility bills. (Make sure you keep track of it.) If you notice an unexpected leap in your costs for heating, it might indicate that a malfunction in the system is causing it to work harder than it should. Repair specialists can track down what is wrong and find the remedy.
  • Uneven heating: If you start to notice cold spots in your home when your heater is working (places that usually receive adequate warmth), then a number of different problems might be afflicting your heating system: breaks in the ductwork, malfunctioning zone control dampers, broken heating elements, malfunctioning air handlers, and others.
  • Strange smells from the vents: If you detect an acrid odor coming from the vents of your forced-air system (furnace, air pump), then you may have a motor or heating element that's burning out or excess dirt and dust in the cabinet.

Call for the professionals

For every symptom of a malfunctioning heater, there are multiple possible root causes. Unless you have professional training with HVAC technology and the necessary tools, you cannot determine the cause on your own or fix it. For this, you?ll need repair technicians. Don't risk damaging your heater, or possibly yourself, with amateur repair attempts.

JD Service Now has a staff skilled with heating repair in Durham, NC. Whatever your heating troubles, count on us to fix them and restore your warm house.