Drain Cleaning Tips for Durham Homeowners

December 17, 2014

It’s the holiday season again, and homeowners in North Carolina are getting ready to host their friends and families. This year, when you’re celebrating the chance for togetherness and Christmas spirit, be smart: don’t let the holidays put too much strain on your drains!

Whether you’re cooking up dinner for Christmas Eve or serving after-dinner coffee to your guests on New Year’s, make sure that these materials never wind up in your kitchen sink, because if they go down your drain they can cause serious problems for your garbage disposal. Your disposal might chop up certain food products, but your kitchen sink is not designed to handle these 3 things:

3 Things To Never Put Down Your Garbage Disposal:

1. Hot grease– Build-up from grease is the culprit for many drain problems we see. The grease coats the drain lines, causing drain blockages that have to be removed by a plumber with specialized tools. Don’t try to use drain cleaning chemicals! They may eat away at the initial blockage, but they will also eat away at the pipes and the garbage disposal, causing premature failure and $1,000s in repairs.

2. Coffee grounds and tea leaves– These types of waste create tight and tough blockages. Coffee grounds and tea leaves will destroy the blades on a garbage disposal and by having dull blades the food waste will not be ground up as well and that will contribute to blockages.

3.Flour, rice, potato, pasta, or vegetable peels – If you are going to send any of these down the drain, make sure you have a plumbers phone number handy! These materials don’t fully pass through your plumbing system. You’re sure to interrupt the meal and need a professional plumber’s help! Always run the faucet with hot water during and after the process of putting waste down the drain.

If grease is blocking the line, tea leaves clogging your garbage disposal, or peels backing up your drains, you don’t have to let your holidays grind to a halt ? you can always call JD Service Now, Heating, and Air Conditioning at 919-383-7000 for 24/7 drain cleaning service!