Durham AC Contractor: Why Upgrade Your Thermostat

April 18, 2014

Installing a new air conditioning system for your home requires a great deal of work, most of it centered on moving in the new cabinets and air handler and hooking them to the ductwork and power supply. It?s easy to overlook a smaller task like installing a new thermostat. However, upgrading your thermostat during an AC installation will significantly improve the performance of the new system. If you have an older model thermostat, such as a manual one or a digital system more than 10 years old, you should definitely upgrade to new technology. We?ll explain how you can benefit from such an upgrade.

At JD Service Now, we?ve worked on air conditioning installation in Durham, NC for multiple years. We?ve seen firsthand the difference an upgraded thermostat can make in home comfort and energy savings. Call our air conditioning and heating specialists to discuss your thermostat options.

How a New Thermostat Will Benefit You

The upgrade from a manual thermostat to even the most basic digital thermostat provides a significant advantage: precision control over the temperature. Manual thermostats have a greater margin for error in their settings, ranging up to 5°F plus or minus. A digital model targets temperatures with superior accuracy, meaning you?ll achieve the comfort level you want without inadvertently wasting power.

However, digital thermostats now go beyond the precision of a digital readout. Programmable thermostats give homeowners control over how the air conditioner behaves when no one is in the house. Programmed settings will automatically shut off the AC when people are away at school and work, then turn the cooling on a half hour before anyone returns home so people will walk through the door to a pleasant environment. At night, the thermostat will raise the temperature, and then lower it again for the morning. This means comfort without needing to think about it, plus significant energy savings.

Why not make the next technology leap? The new smart thermostats have computer learning that keep track of how you use energy and then adjusts its behavior accordingly. A smart thermostat seeks ways to cut back on energy use, often with patterns that may never have occurred to you. Through a Wi-Fi hook-up, you can see exactly how you are saving power through the smart thermostat. You also have remote control over the system from any place where you can connect to the Internet or where your smart phone receives reception.

You want to get the maximum comfort from your new air conditioning system, which will probably have higher efficiency than the model it?s replacing. With the right thermostat installed along with it, the savings and efficiency will rise even further. Make a thermostat upgrade part of your next air conditioning service in Durham, NC from the start. JD Service Now will help you at every step of the way making the right choices for your new AC.

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