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Common Causes of Burst Pipes

October 22, 2013

Water leaking from pipes is bad business, no matter how small the leak. But a burst pipe is a serious emergency that will need a skilled plumber to remedy it as soon as possible to prevent flooding and large amounts of property damage. Fortunately, if you rely on a professional plumbing company that?s licensed, bonded, insured, and ready to come to your aid 24/7, a burst pipe can get repaired fast before your home sustains further damage. JD Service Now fills all these requirements, so when a pipe bursts, call us first!

Modern plumbing in homes is built specifically to resist bursting, but it can still occur. Here are the two common reasons we have to perform plumbing repair in Cary, NC on burst pipes:

  • Freezing: During the winter, the principal hazard for your pipes is below-freezing temperatures. Water freezing inside a pipe causes more trouble than stopping up the flow. The molecular structure of water is different in its solid form; the molecules move farther away from each other, so ice takes up more volume than liquid water. If you've ever put a glass of water inside the freezer to cool it down and forgot to take it out until much later, you'll recognize this effect: you'll have cracked glass. Pipes will succumb to the same problem when water freezes in them: extra pressure leading to bursting. This is by far the most common reason for burst pipes. Insulating your piping will help avoid this trouble.
  • Corrosion: This is often a problem for older pipes. If plumbing doesn't receive proper care, corrosion can start to weaken metal pipes. All that needs to happen for these weakened pipes to burst is for the pressure to increase inside the plumbing. Calcium build-up inside pipes can cause the pressure to grow, and this may cause the corroded pipes to burst open.

There are steps you can take to help prevent burst pipes, but there are many pipes you will not be able to access yourself. This is why it?s important to have your plumbing professionally inspected and any trouble caught as soon as possible before the issue can lead to pipes bursting. Professional plumbers are familiar with fixing burst pipes, so make sure you get on the phone immediately for your plumbing repair in Cary, NC and call experts like those at JD Service Now.