Sewer Smells and Your Plumbing in Raleigh

This isn't a pleasant topic: nobody wants the smells of a sewer drifting through their home. However, issues in your plumbing can cause this to occur. The first thing you need to know about this is that it can be solved. Don't imagine that you'll somehow get stuck with a foul-smelling house for the rest of the time you live in it. Professional plumbers are familiar with this trouble, and they can locate and fix whatever caused it. And sometimes the reasons for these odors are not as serious as you might think.

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Why you may smell sewer odors

There are a few different reasons for sewer smells invading your house. One of the simplest is dry p-traps in your sinks. P-traps are the curved pipes you see in the plumbing directly beneath the drains in your home. You may wonder what function this shape serves. What it does is collect a plug of water that prevents sewer smells from coming up the pipe and emerging out of the drain. If the p-traps go dry, nothing will stop the sewer gas from getting up through your sinks. This can happen for sinks that haven't seen use in months, but if it occurs in your regular-use sinks, you might have a leaking p-trap or some other issue that needs attention.

The more urgent and serious reason for an infiltration of sewer gas into living spaces is trouble with the sewer line. This pipe takes the waste water from your home and moves it out to the municipal sewer system beneath the street. If tree roots, construction, corrosion, or the force from landslides and storms cause breaks and blocks in the sewer line, it will back up drains throughout your home and spread noxious odors indoors. Watch for signs of a broken main line: water spots in the basement or foundations, a foul-smelling damp lawn, and changing water levels in the toilet. Call for a professional plumber the moment you can: sewer line damage can rapidly cause immense problems for your home?s foundations, making bad smells the least of your problems.

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A dry p-trap is an annoyance. A busted sewer line can turn into a disaster. But you don't need to worry about either if you get professional plumbing in Raleigh, NC. JD Service Now can take care of whatever ails your home's plumbing: we'll perform the work fast and do our best to get it right the first time. Call us any time of the day or night, and don't delay when those foul odors start making life unpleasant.