Do You Need Emergency Drain Repair in Raleigh or Durham?

In this video, the team at JD Service Now helps a facility with a collapsed drain in their kitchen. We worked for 3 nights coming in at 8 pm and leaving at 5 am each morning to replace broken drains 3-4 feet down in the ground. Each night we would break down and move the kitchen appliances and drape plastic over everything and encapsulate the area to ensure that no dust got on any of their property. Each morning the kitchen staff was able to come back to work in a clean environment as if nothing had happened the night before. We helped this facility with precise project management, quality craftsmanship, and as a partner to ensure that their operation did not miss a beat.

If you need an emergency drain and sewer services in the Raleigh and Durham areas give JD Service Now a call today. We go above and beyond to provide the service and customer satisfaction you deserve.