Solar Plumbing in Durham, NC

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One of the most technologically advanced plumbing services that we offer is solar plumbing. This form of plumbing employs solar energy to provide hot water for your home. Though this is a highly-effective and green means to generate hot water, we still recommend having a backup plumbing system for those cloudy North Carolina days or periods of high water demand.

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Deciding Between an Active or Passive Solar Plumbing System

There are two primary types of solar plumbing systems: active and passive water heater systems. Both are effective systems, but it is important that the customer chooses the system that is best for their particular home.

Generally speaking, passive systems are less expensive than active systems. Though they are often more reliable and last longer, passive systems are significantly less efficient. This is primarily due to the fact that active systems employ pumps and controls to constantly circulate water throughout your home. Regardless of which system you choose, rest assured that our team of Durham plumbers can point you in the right direction and effectively install any solar water heater system in your home.

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