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When you are looking for repiping services, you need to know that the job will get done right. JD Service Now provides expert pipe installation and replacement services for homes in the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill area, and we would be glad to take on your project as well.

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Quality Pipe Installation Service

If you need pipe installation, we know just how to get the job done right. We take great care to make sure all connections and seals are in their appropriate place and that all of the pipes used are appropriately sized to handle the load. Proper pipe installation helps to avoid any problems from the beginning so that you won't have to worry about future breakdowns or other problems. With professional pipe installation services from JD Service Now, we know that you can expect to receive high-quality service.

We Can Handle Any Repiping Job

Plumbing pipes are designed to work well for many years, but at some point, every plumbing system needs to be replaced. If you think it's time to replace the pipes in your home, JD Service Now is up to the task. Our professional Durham plumbers will inspect your entire system to assess the condition of your pipes and help you choose the best repiping materials for your needs.

Once you've decided to have our certified plumbers replace the pipes in your home, you will have many repiping material options to choose from. We have a great selection of high-quality repiping materials for you to consider, so you can be sure the materials we use in your home will hold up for many years. Proper sizing of drain and sewer pipes is an important part of this service. We can assess the current condition of your piping system. We can also ensure that your new system will be able to handle your home's specific drainage needs.

What is a Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP)?

When it comes to replacing your sewer pipe, there are only a couple options available. The first option is to dig up your whole yard to allow your plumber to cut out the faulty pipe and install a new one. Obviously, that is not the most economical option. The second option is to simply have your sewer pipe relined. This method uses a cured-in-place pipe, and it leaves you with a good-as-new pipe that is firmly attached to the inside of your old sewer line.

How the HydraLiner Pipe Lining Process Works

HydraLiner is a brand of pipe relining technology that was developed by HammerHead. It is compatible with almost all types of pipes including concrete, ABS, and PVC.

The process works this way:

  • Our plumbers will first clear your sewer line of any debris.
  • We then measure and cut a piece of liner and fill it (similar to the way you would fill a water balloon) with a two-part resin.
  • The liner is then inverted so that the resin side is facing outward and fed into your old pipe using a pressurized system.
  • The resin cures against the interior of your old pipe and leaves you with a smooth, brand new pipe.

Benefits of Sewer Pipe Relining

Obviously, the ability to replace your sewer line without having to dig up your entire yard is probably the main benefit. All of the drains in your home feed into your main sewer line, which attaches to the municipal sewer disposal line at the street. If your sewer line starts to clog, it is best that you call JD Service Now to discuss pipe relining for your home.

Here are some of the telltale signs you might need sewer relining:

  • The sewer line starts to clog, crack or leak
  • A clogged sewer line has led to multiple clogged drains in the home
  • You begin noticing a foul odor around the home
  • There are soggy patches on the ground and around the yard

Using a cured-in-place system such as HydraLiner allows our Durham plumbers to replace your entire sewer line with minimal disruption to your property. Another terrific benefit of sewer pipe relining is that it can be done in a day. Before, it could take hours while the excavation of your yard occurred just so our plumbers could get access to the pipe. Now, we can be in and out in no time. Finally, pipe relining leaves you with a smooth, and brand new, pipe inside your old one that is ready to operate effectively for years.

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If you need pipe relining or pipe repair, call JD Service Now. Your entire drain and pipe system gets a lot of use every single day, which can eventually lead a whole host of problems. In some cases, all that our plumbers have to do to solve your problem is a small, simple procedure. We would be more than happy to discuss your repiping and pipe relining options with you.

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