Ductless Heating Systems in Durham

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Forced-air central heating systems continue to be the most popular type of heating system in homes around the world. However, not all homes are equipped with an air duct system that is required for one of these systems. So what can you do when this is the case? The answer is simple: call a Durham heating services expert to learn more about the great ductless heating options available today!

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Why Invest In A Ductless System?

As the name suggests, a ductless system doesn’t need a network of air ducts running through your walls, floors, and ceiling to heat your home. These units are smaller, self-contained systems that effectively provide heat for a smaller space, such as a bedroom or living room. While this does mean you’ll need a different ductless heating system for each zone you’d like to heat, homeowners can actually benefit from these systems in a surprising way.

These are just a few advantages of using a ductless heating system:

  • Better control over your system
  • Better energy efficiency (ductless systems use far less energy than central systems)
  • Much lower cost to purchase and install
  • Much lower cost to operate
  • Easier maintenance

What Makes Ductless Systems Different?

Many ductless system owners are extremely happy as they function almost exactly like a regular central heating system, only with more precise control. By being able to turn on only the heating systems in the rooms you’re using, you save a substantial amount of energy while still remaining comfortable. Ductless systems are also quiet, easy to maintain, and far less expensive to install than a traditional furnace or other form of whole-home heating.

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