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What Do I Need to Unclog My Drain in Chapel Hill?

Drain clogs they’re an annoyance, but they happen. Every homeowner will have to deal with clogs at one time or another. Most drain blockages are small, and you can fix them on your own using one basic tool. But some clogs, especially ones from grease build-up or jammed objects, require the work of professional plumbers to eliminate. We’ll explain what tools you need – and what your plumber needs – to unclog your drain in Chapel Hill, NC.

JD Service Now offers comprehensive drain cleaning that will not only take care of your clogs but will prevent them from forming in the future. Contact us to learn more about what we can do to keep your plumbing healthy.

The tools for unclogging a drain

  • Sink plunger: This is the one tool we mentioned earlier. Every home should have a sink plunger (and a toilet plunger) to solve simple clogs. A plunger can clear out clogs with air pressure that will not damage your plumbing or cause injury to you.
  • Drain snakes: If the plunger doesn’t work, don’t resort to one of those bottles of liquid drain cleaner you can find in the grocery stores. Their caustic action is bad for your pipes, the environment, and you. Instead, call a professional plumber to use a drain snake to remove the clog. A drain snake is like a corkscrew on a flexible line. It moves through your pipes, drills into the clog, and then pull the clog out. Plumbers can use motorized drain snakes to take out extremely thick clogs. Although you can purchase manual drain snakes commercially, you should rely on a professional so you won’t risk damaging your pipes.
  • HydroJetting: This is one of the best ways to clear out clogs and give your drains a thorough cleaning in the process. Hydro-jetters blast streams of high-pressure hot water along the inside of the pipes, cleaning out grease, fat, good deposits, and thicker plugs all without hurting the inner parts of the pipes. It usually takes only minutes to cut through even the toughest clogs.

Prevent Clogging

You can avoid more headaches from clogs in the future with regular drain cleaning from professionals. Clogs often develop over time, and an annual drain cleaning will clear out the build-ups that leads to full blockages. Contact JD Service Now to sign up for our services to clean and unclog your drain in Chapel Hill, NC. We have 24-hour emergency service for your convenience.

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