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How To Spot A Leak

This week is “Fix a Leak” week which means that at JD Service Now we’re encouraging all of our customers to take a look around their house to check for leaks. Not only are leaks extremely wasteful of water, but they can also cause tremendous water damage to your home. Finding them early is a great way to potentially reduce the amount of water waste and the damage to your home. Here at JD Service Now, we’re dedicated to the quality of service that we provide and to the comfort of our customers. We thought it would be helpful and in honor of “Fix a Leak” week if we put together some tips that homeowners can use to find leaks around their home. If you have any questions about the plumbing in your home or if you have any leaks, don’t hesitate to call the friendly plumbers here at JD Service Now.

Puddles of Water

One of the most obvious signs that you have a water leak is puddles of water around your home. However, the actual hole in the pipe doesn’t necessarily need to be close to where the puddle is. It can sometimes be a distance away and the water slowly runs down to a place where it drops onto the floor. It takes training and skill to be able to find the actual source of the water.

Warm Basement Floor

This is a symptom that most homeowners don’t want. This can sometimes mean that you have a slab leak under the floor. This problem is usually caused by a bad installation of the water line. If the water line has a dent in it, the near-constant flow of water through the pipe will eventually wear a pinhole in it that leaks water.

Low Water Pressure

The water coming into your home is under pressure so that it can flow through the pipes. If you have a leak that pressure will escape which would translate into lower water pressure in your home.

Increased Water Bill

Often, water leaks will happen in pipes that you can’t see, like in your water main which is buried underground. However, you can always see every gallon of water that comes into your home in your water bill. If you notice a sudden increase in your bill it could mean that you have a water leak.

For all your plumbing repair and leak repair contact the expert plumbers at JD Service Now. We have years of experience and can find your leak quickly and fix it.

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