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Ask Our Raleigh Heating Contractor: What Heating Mistakes Should You Avoid?

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February is nearing a close, but we’ve still got plenty of winters left here in Raleigh. That means we’ve also got a lot of opportunities to save money just as long as we keep our furnaces running efficiently.

Heating Mistakes to Avoid


Drafts are more than just an annoyance. They’re also incredibly efficient at wasting your hard earned money. While you may not see the dollar bills leaving your home through doorframe gaps, they most certainly are. Two to three poorly sealed windows can cause the same amount of heat loss as a half-open window. Attics and basements are areas where heat loss is a major concern. Be sure to correct or add insulation as needed. You should also ask your Raleigh heating contractor or energy auditor to check the light fixtures, outlets, and switches in your home for drafts. While insulating these areas may not equate to hundreds in savings, doing so is relatively inexpensive and easy. Plus, every little bit helps.

Closing Vents

If you’re not using a room, it makes sense to close the vents and shut the door. You don’t want to waste heat on a room you’re not using. Unfortunately, this sounds logical but isn’t correct. Closing heating vents causes an imbalance in temperature throughout your Raleigh home. A properly designed heating system is configured in such a way that an equal amount of air comes into and out of the ductwork. Closing some vents while leaving others open puts extra pressure on the ductwork, which could cause leaks or in extreme cases bursts. The blockage will also cause the furnace to work harder to dispel the warmed air throughout your home. In addition to the immediate waste of warm air and the extra electricity and fuel used warm the air, the unnecessary stress put on your furnace will cause it to fail sooner.

Lack of Maintenance

You know your mechanic’s name and you probably have a hairdresser at your favorite salon in Raleigh. But do you have a go-to heating contractor? While we’d love you to say, of course, JD Service Now is our heating contractor of choice, chances are you don’t have the same relationship with your heating contractor as the other maintenance professionals that help keep your car, home and life running smoothly. Residential furnaces are hardworking, heavy-duty devices that need regular maintenance, yearly check-ups, and flushes. When you call us to schedule basic maintenance, we’ll conduct a safety and health system check, align belts, clean burners and the heat exchanger, and more. However, you can help keep your furnace running smoothly between yearly visits, by cleaning the air filter, wiping down the blower motor, and clearing ducts and vents. You should also periodically turn your furnace on in the warmer months.

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