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Five Ways to Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioner

The sweltering heat of summer is almost upon us, which means it’s only a matter of time before air conditioners are fired up to keep homes comfortable. Your air conditioner is one of the most important appliances in your home, so extending its life as long as possible is important if you want to avoid the expense of replacing it.

Here are five ways you can extend the life of your air conditioner.

1- Change Your Air Filter Frequently

According to energy.gov, a dirty air filter can increase your utility bills as much as 5-10% every month. Replacing it is usually a matter of just a few bucks at a local hardware store, and those who have even basic home improvement skills can likely replace it themselves. Therefore, every spring you should replace your air filter to give your air conditioner the ability to fully breathe and run as efficiently as possible.

2- Use Your System As Little As Possible

An air conditioner is a lot like a human person: the harder you require it to work in sweltering heat, the easier it will tire out and break down. While you shouldn’t be afraid to use your system, you can greatly prolong its life by giving it a rest every now and again. For example, during cooler hours, such as overnight, turn your system off and open the window to allow the cool night air to make your home more comfortable. This can also help you save a bundle on your energy costs as well.

3- Clear Debris From the System

Winter weather often brings winds and rains that scatter debris around your yard, including near your air conditioning system. Before firing up your air conditioner for the first time, you may want to take a quick look at your system to ensure it’s not blocked by debris. Clear away any debris and trim back any overgrown plants so they’re at least four feet away from your fan in order to allow the most optimal airflow through your cooling system.

4- Use a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable or smart thermostat can help you keep your home comfortable while running your system as little as possible. This will help you save energy and preserve your system to last as long as possible. Modern smart thermostats even know when to raise the temperature of your home while you are away and then lower it again when you return home, some requiring little to no input from you whatsoever. Soon you’ll be comfortable without even having to think about turning your air conditioner on or off.

5- Get a Spring Maintenance Service

Preventative maintenance can help you avoid a number of major problems before they become serious. Getting a professional tune-up each spring can help recharge your system and get it ready for the long months of use ahead. During this service, your technician will inspect the electrical, cooling, fan, and belt drive systems, as well as lubricate your motors and bearings, change your air filter, and inspect your lines to make sure everything is in top shape. This can not only prevent any parts from breaking after months of inactivity, but also help you identify any issues that could become a serious problem later, and thus help you avoid a major air conditioning repair or replacement bill.

Want to get your system ready for summer? Call JD Service Now to schedule a spring inspection and tune-up service! Our Durham HVAC services can provide you with top-quality repairs and maintenance at a price you can afford. We recognize the importance of getting to you quickly when you need us most, which is why we proudly offer same-day appointments and emergency services throughout the area. With over 100 years of combined experience, we have the training and knowledge you need to make your system run flawlessly and keep it that way as long as possible.

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