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  • Common Reasons Why Drains Clog

    Slow-moving or completely clogged drains can be one of the most frustrated plumbing problems people experience in their bathroom sinks, showers, and kitchen sinks. They were primarily designed to do one thing, remove water from the basin in which they sit. However, various types of debris often get caught up in that water and start accumulating in the pipes. Kitchen Sinks Often, people expect ...
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  • How to Clear a Slow Drain

    While the sewer lines connected to your home can often become obstructed by tree roots, broken water tiles, or busted pipes, the drains inside of your home can also become clogged by hair, soap scum, oil, and grease. When this happens, you may notice that it takes quite a long time to actually see your drain completely empty, which may signal a more serious concern with the plumbing either inside ...
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  • Five Signs You Need a Drain Cleared

    Do you need a drain cleaned? A blockage or obstruction in your drains can cause serious issues for your home’s plumbing system, including having the issue possibly spread and cause issues with other plumbing devices in your home. This means it’s important to deal with a clogged drain as soon as possible, so you should not hesitate to call for service immediately. If your home is experiencing any ...
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  • When Do I Need Professional Hydro-Jetting Service?

    Clogged drains are often mistaken for a minor nuisance by many homeowners. In fact, drain blockages can cause serious damage to your plumbing system and, if given time, to your property. Pipes can back up, leak or even burst if blockages are severe enough in your Durham home. Before you go reaching for harsh chemical cleaners at the hardware store, though, consider calling JD Service Now for ...
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  • How Hydro-Jetting Works

    The Raleigh plumbing professionals at JD Service Now offer hydro-jetting services throughout the service area. We get many questions about how hydro-jetting works and the benefits of this type of drain cleaning. We’ve put together a quick guide for all of our customers below. High pressure hydro-jetting cleans your entire drain system by using a high-pressure stream of water. This is a safe and ...
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  • What Not to Do to Your Drain System

    If you are looking for ways to maintain your drain system , the Raleigh plumbers at JD Service Now can help. First, here?s a list of things you shouldn’t do to your drain system. The first thing you shouldn’t do?whether you have a slow drain or overflowing toilet?is to use harsh chemicals in your drain lines. Even for a clogged sink, it is always better to call a plumber instead of putting ...
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  • Benefits of Hydro Jetting

    The system of drains in your Raleigh area home has to endure years of exposure to grease, detergents, soap scum, mineral deposits, and waste. Over time, drainage pipes can accumulate a layer of grease and sludge that constricts their performance. This inner coating of grunge can also trap food or other organic waste that promotes the growth of bacteria. You can rid your plumbing system of this ...
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  • 3 Ways That Regular Drain Cleaning Helps Your Home

    The plumbing system in your Raleigh hom e is critical to your overall comfort and peace of mind. Because of its important role, when something does go wrong it can really be inconvenient and expensive to fix. Performing regular maintenance on the appliances and equipment in your home is a great way to positively impact your house. Fewer Repairs Think about your vehicle. You normally get the oil ...
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  • When to Replace Your Home's Water Heater

    The water heater in your Raleigh home is one of the only appliances in your home that you use every day. But few people pay it any attention. Most people decide to look at their water heater when it needs repair or stops working all together. For the most part, your water heater is pretty durable. But we thought it would be a good idea into put together a short list of some of the symptoms of ...
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  • How Commercial Video Pipe Inspection Works

    When you own a commercial property it is your responsibility to keep all of the systems in that property functioning correctly. A problem with the pipe, sewer or drain system in your commercial space can be a serious issue. However you use your commercial building, a problem with the plumbing never makes a good impression. Make sure that your employees, tenants, customers and clients are not put ...
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  • Common Causes of Slow Drains

    We’ve all stood in showers with a clogged drain and watched the water slowly rise up our ankles. Slow drains can be a huge annoyance. But what?s worse, is that if they aren’t dealt with they can become a serious concern for your home. Some clogged drains need the attention of a professional Durham plumber . Here are some of the most common causes of clogged drains that we see. The Pop-Up Stopper A ...
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  • When to Call For Plumbing Repair

    You probably have a list of to-do items for your home that?s a mile long. On that list is probably something like ?Fix the leaking faucet? or ?Fix the water leak in the water heater.? You want to save money but you also don?t want to break something important in your home. We’ve put together some of the common repairs and projects that should require the services of professional Durham plumber. ...
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  • Common Causes of Water Leaks

    Water leaks can cause serious damage to your home in Durham NC. From mold to wood rot, water can not only cause structural damage to your home, it can also cost you a lot of money to repair. Below is a list of some of the more common causes of water leaks in residential homes. If you suspect that you may have a water leak in your house, don?t hesitate to contact your local Durham plumber JD ...
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  • Pros and Cons of Tankless Water Heaters

    October 2, 2012 In recent years, there has been a growing interest by many Chapel Hill homeowners in tankless water heating technology. In the past, water heating was done almost entirely with tank water heaters – systems that heated a large volume of water and stored it in a tank to be distributed throughout your home as needed. A tankless system only heats water as you need it, which can result ...
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  • Why You Need a Water Treatment System

    There are a number of ways to improve the comfort and health of your home, but one system that many people put off for one reason or another is the installation of a water treatment system . Many Morrisville homeowners assume that the city actively removes anything that could cause them serious harm and therefore their water is perfectly safe. While it is true that if you are connected to a ...
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  • Why Replace Old Plumbing Fixtures and Pipes?

    If you?re living in an older home, there are several ways to tell it?s time to change the old pipes and fixtures in your Durham home . The most obvious sign it?s time to change the pipes is low water pressure. Over time, old galvanized pipes can rust and get build-up in them, slowing the water flow. This is usually seen mostly in showers and bathtubs, making it difficult to bathe or shower in a ...
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  • Gas vs Electric Water Heaters

    In most households, 25% of the energy used every month goes into heating water for daily tasks like cooking, cleaning and bathing. Like many other home appliances, water heaters in Wake Forest have also improved greatly over the years, and especially in the last decade or so. More energy efficient models are available now, which can help you save a lot of money in your monthly energy bills. If you ...
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  • Have You Had Your Water Tested For Chlorine?

    Are you happy with your water quality? Does it have a funny taste or smell? Did you know that chlorine is present in most municipal water at levels equal to what is used in a swimming pool? Swimming pools should have a chlorine content of 1-3 parts per million with an average of 2 parts per million. We tested our own unfiltered water from the tap in Durham, NC and we had a chlorine content of 2 ...
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  • Do Sump Pumps Need Electricity?

    Sump pumps are used in basements or near foundations of buildings where water accumulates from rain or a high water table level. Sump pumps are installed in a sump pit with a gravel base at the lowest ground level. As the pit fills with water, the sump pump pumps the accumulated water away from the foundation of a building through a series of pipes so that water damage does not occur. JD Service ...
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