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  • 5 Tips to Reduce Your Heating Bill

    North Carolina is still experiencing cold and rainy days, which means that you will continue to see an increase in your heating bill. We have put together a list of tips to reduce your heating bill: Heat your home creatively Lower your thermostat Buy a programmable thermostat Don’t let the heat escape your home Routine heater maintenance If you want to reduce your heating bill, contact our Durham ...
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  • What to Do When Your Water Heater Is Leaking

    A water heater leak may seem like a minor issue but left alone, it will lead to serious and costly problems. We've put together this list to help you repair your water heater leak! The basic process: Determine the location of the leak Cut power to the water heater Shut off the water Drain the water Replace the valve Refill the tank If your water heater is leaking, feel free to contact our Durham ...
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  • How to Get Your Furnace Ready for the Winter

    Winter is just around the corner, and it is almost time to turn on your heater! But before you do, it is important to get your furnace checked to ensure it is in proper working condition. We have put together a list to ensure your heater keeps you warm all winter long: Change the air filters Clean the heating exchanger Test the igniter switch Inspect the chimney and carbon monoxide detectors If ...
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  • Heating Service in Durham, NC

    Spending too much on energy bills? Our heating service experts want to help by offering some energy and money saving tips! Here are some ways you can improve your Durham home’s heating this winter: 5 Ways to Keep Your Durham House Warmer This Winter 1. Install a programmable thermostat. How old if your thermostat? Instead of having to manually fiddle with the temperature every time you leave the ...
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  • Three Signs You Need a Furnace Tune-Up

    Your furnace is an extremely important appliance that you depend on to keep you warm all winter long. But is your furnace ready to take on this challenge? Odds are if you haven’t touched your furnace since the last time you turned it on the previous winter, several things could have happened that placed extra wear and tear on your furnace, and that means you need to contact a Durham furnace repair ...
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  • Is Your Water Heater Tank in Trouble?

    While you may not realize it, you probably use your water heater every single day. When you wash dishes, take a shower, or do laundry, your water heater works hard to deliver fresh, hot water to your home. When something starts to go wrong with your water heater, it can be pretty frustrating. At JD Service Now , we've been providing comprehensive water heater repair and water heater installation ...
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  • When You Should Service Your Water Heater

    Most water heaters only last 10-12 years. Do you know when you will need a new one? You can make your water heater last as long as possible with regular maintenance. When was the last time that your water heater was serviced and inspected? Water Heater Maintenance It is suggested that water heaters be drained and flushed every year. The anode rod should be checked every 2-3 years. When was your ...
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