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Benefits of Hydro Jetting

The system of drains in your Raleigh area home has to endure years of exposure to grease, detergents, soap scum, mineral deposits, and waste. Over time, drainage pipes can accumulate a layer of grease and sludge that constricts their performance. This inner coating of grunge can also trap food or other organic waste that promotes the growth of bacteria.

You can rid your plumbing system of this greasy build up and restore your drainage pipes to optimal condition by scouring them out with a professional hydro-jetting service by JD Service Now. Also known as high-pressure water jetting, this type of drain cleaning uses a safe high-pressure blast of water to scrub away years of grease and grime from drainpipe walls.

Here are the Main Advantages:

  • Safe for all types of drainage systems
  • Uses only water; no harsh chemicals or cleaners
  • Scrubs away layers of grease and dirt to get old drain pipes running like new
  • Fast, clean, and affordable.

This type of drain cleaning technology uses a specialized nozzle that emits a jet of water around the inside of the drain pipe. The force of the water is carefully calibrated to cut through hardened layers of grease and sludge, but not harm the pipes. The fragments of dirt and debris are safely washed away.

Why Hydro Jetting is a Better Option

Chemical cleaners can help reduce the build-up in your drains, but they don’t work on all types of blockages. Mechanical cleaners, or “snakes”, scrape the insides of the pipes. They can reduce large blockages, but they can also miss sections of build-up, and damage the pipes. With hydro-jetting, every square inch of the pipe is blasted with high pressured water. There’s no chemical build up or residue, and no damage to the pipes.

Clogged drains are the most frequent reason for Raleigh area plumbing service calls and repairs. The best way to avoid those calls is to dislodge the layers of grease and sludge before they can pinch off the drain. Even modern drain pipes made of specialized plastic such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are susceptible to grease and sludge build up. And if you live in an older home with metal drainpipes, there could be a substantial layer of grease and waste throughout the drainage system.

Call the Raleigh plumbers at JD Service Now today, and we’ll explain how this unique service can restore your household plumbing to near-new condition and avoid more expensive service calls later on.

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