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Wake Forest Plumber: Basic Components of Water Heaters

Running water is often cited as one of the greatest modern home conveniences (The best thing since indoor plumbing!). However, think about how much you need hot water to go along with running water. Every day, you need hot water for showers, baths, cleaning, cooking, and washing clothes. Even going for one day without hot water can be miserable.

JD Service Now specializes in repairs for water heaters in Wake Forest, NC, as well as installation and maintenance. To help you understand how your water heater works so you’ll know why and when it needs repairs, we’ll go over the basic components of most water heaters. Contact our skilled water heater technicians when you need repairs for any trouble you encounter with your hot water supply.

Water heater components

  • Hot water tank: Although there are tankless water heaters available today, most homes will still have a standard storage water heater one that uses a tank where the water is stored and heated so it is ready for use.
  • Gas burner: The unit below the tank where the gas jets ignite to raise the temperature of the water. (An electrical heater uses heating elements inside the tank.)
  • Dip tube: The line that brings in the cold water from the cold water supply line. This line runs to the bottom of the tank, where the burner heats the cold water, causing it to rise.
  • Hot water discharge: Located at the top of the tank, this is where the high pressure hot water exits the tank and goes into your home.
  • Gas combustion exhaust flue: This tube runs through the tank, where it safely removes hot combustion gas from the burner and also does the job of helping to heat the water in the tank through heat exchange. (Electrical heaters do not have this.)
  • Temperature and pressure release valve: These components are responsible for preventing the pressure in the tank from rising too high. If the pressure inside the tank approaches the safety limit, then this valve along the top of the tank releases the excess pressure. It is very important this valve does not become blocked.
  • Tank drain valve: A valve along the bottom of the tank that can be used to drain the tank to remove sediment build-up. You should only let a professional use this valve to flush the tank.

Call for experts when you have water heater trouble

If your hot water supply starts to drop or becomes intermittent, don’t wait for your water heater to break down entirely call for a professional to analyze the problem and find a way to fix it. Tampering with a water heater without the necessary skills and tools can result in further damage to the heater, and can be especially dangerous with gas-powered water heaters.

JD Service Now services water heaters in Wake Forest, NC so you won’t have to wake up to a cold shower and many other inconveniences throughout the day.

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